Welcome to the home of the Magnificent Bastards.

Who are the Magnificent Bastards?
The Magnificent Bastards are a team of like-minded figure painters from across the country. Our number fluctuates but the core of the group is made up of members of the Point Hammered Podcast and their miscreant pals.

The team has been assembled on and off with different lineups since 2007, striking like a thunderbolt on the tournament scene and then disappearing back into the Chaos Wastes just as mysteriously.

The world needs the Magnificent Bastards to ride forth once more. In 2011, the call was was heard and this website is now our permanent home.

Our focus is mainly on the tabletop gaming aspect of this miniature painting hobby. You won't see us doing too many one-off models for painting contests, rather we concentrate on painting the hundreds of figures that make up a tabletop army. This is our gift. This is our curse. 

This blog is home to our various projects, successes, failures, ramblings, how-to's, and other random bullshit.

Where do I start?
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The Goods
Want to know why we're so Magnificent? Click this link to see our latest painted models as well as our WIP pics.

Need to learn a few tricks? Head over here to the Tutorials section peruse one of our step-by-step guides.

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Lookin for something new? Here the Bastards lay it down like it is, covering everything from miniatures to games to books and more.

Have you heard? The Bastards are pretty damn good at playing with their figures, too. This section is devoted to our various tourney reports, batreps, tactical guides and other diatribes. The Gameplay section is also the new home to the Rule of the Day.

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That's it?
Hell no! The site contains many articles and posts which do not fit the above categories. Do a little digging and you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Off to the right you can see the revamped lineup under Meet the Bastards. Click a name to learn more about the perverse history of our team members.

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You may see product reviews pop up from time to time. The bastards do not receive free products nor are they paid to sponsor or review products. We're reviewing the product because we genuinely like or dislike the product and want to spread the word!