Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Chironis Forge- an Adeptus Mechanicus Blog Part 3

As I mentioned in the initial posts- this blog isn't necessarily in chronological order..!

The most recent edition to my army is one of the new Knight Armiger Warglaives.

The fluff behind the Armigers is that they are lesser Knights within the noble Knight Households. The Armiger pilots represent bastard sons and daughters of noble Knight families, or perhaps common folk who have shown an aptitude for piloting the mighty war engines. The Armigers are likened to warhounds, following alongside the heels of the larger Knights, banding together to bring down large opponents or mopping up enemy infantry.

Like my larger Knights, I wanted my Armiger pilot to be visible. Unlike the true Knights, he doesn't get the luxury of an enclosed glass cockpit, and relies upon his skill at arms and the Armiger's Ion Shields for protection. This particularly gross looking pilot is the illegitemate son of the Lord Commander of the Knights of Chironis. Destined never to be allowed command of a true Knight, his depression has led him to gluttony and all manner of perverse pleasures. Were it not for his piloting skill, the Lord Commander would have had him executed for his indignities, but he proved too useful to the Household to be disposed of....

I've only had a few chances to use him on the table so far. His huge melta gun is lethal and he's decent in combat, but he seems to be fairly easy to bring down with focussed fire and at 240pts he's not cheap. Unfortunately, they don't get the special rules of the larger Knights allowing them to leave and enter combats freely and step over infantry, so he has a tendency to get bogged down in combat which means he can't shoot the melta. The jury is still out....

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Mordian7th said...

That is super cool! Nicely done.

John Tailby said...

Interesting, that's a nice conversion. both you and Vince have chosen to replace the sensor pod with the organic pilot. I can see people making the sensor pods more animal like with these warmachines. I might see if I can get some dragon heads or similar for mine.

Jon Kerr said...

Hi John- I haven't seen Vinces version (unfortunately I dont think I know who that is?) Keen to have a look though, can you give me a link? :)

harshakvm3 said...

Tutu App

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