Friday, April 6, 2018

The Chironis Forge- an Adeptus Mechanicus blog (Part 2)

The Skitarii make up the backbone of the Adeptus Mechanicus' fighting forces. These warriors take many forms and are modified and enhanced in almost every concievable way- gene-bulked, stim-injected, bionically-enhanced and completely brainwashed.

When the new Skitarii kit was released, it was very hard to find fault with it, or even convert it to make any improvements. The kit has to be one of the most commonly used kits for conversions for the likes of Inq28, and for good reason....!

As such, I knew I wanted to include a unit of bog-standard Skitarii Vanguard, without any modifications. The Vanguard are a variation of Skitarii which weild Rad Carbines. These guns spit lethal gouts of radiation at the enemy. These weapons are so lethal that even being in proximity to them results in radiation poisining- "in game" this means that enemy models within 1" of the Vanguard are at -1T. This ability is really cool, and it always surprises the enemy when I suicidally charge my Vanguard into combat in order to drop the enemy Toughness so one of my combat units can more easily take them apart....
The Skitarii Vnguard themselves are encased is enclosed suits of armour and dosed up on anti-radiation chemicals, but despite this they are each slowly succumbing to radiation poisining as their flesh decays and rots away.

In an effort to get the most "bang for buck" from the dual set of Skitarii Vanguard/Rangers, I wanted to try and convert BOTH 10 Vanguard and 10 Rangers from a single box. I found some old Chaos Cultist models to use as the basis for some Rangers, and added the Skitarii Ranger guns. Some cultists already had suitable hoods and gas masks, some had heads which could be easily snipped off and replaced with Skitarii Ranger heads. A couple needed custom sculpted hoods which were fairly easy to do after a couple of practicses.

Once they're painted red and have the bone coloured cog patterns on the hems of the robes, they look perfect as Skitarii.

The Rangers provide long range firepower to the AdMech infantry. Their guns are 30" Range, which significantly outranges most other troop units in the game. As such, they're perfect for leaving on an objective (even one which is away from the main areas of fighting) without losing the ability to shoot at the enemy every turn. The Transuranic Arquebus special weapon nicely complements this role, and he attempts to snipe out weak enemy characters every turn. If the enemy ever gets close to the unit (within 15"), their rapid fire rifles become even more lethal, and I often combine this with the +1 to Hit strategem , resulting in 18 shots, 2+ to Hit, Str 4, and triggering Ap-1 on a 5+ to Hit.

These two units really comprise the core of almost every AdMech list I write. They fill out two of my troops choices, and both bring a different role (long range fire and objective holding, and medium range assault weaponry).

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Ryan said...

Great idea taking one box and turning it into two units with the cultists. It adds variety to your army and uniqueness to the unit which draws in the viewer at tourneys or random pick up games.

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