Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kairic Acolyte Sample Model

I finished the second model in my Tzeentch force today. The Kairic Acolyte!

This was another color sample, and test to get familiar with the model.
This is how the rest of them will look, as I'm stoked with the results.

This is also one of my first successful attempts at a dark human skintone.
 The blues are very similar to what I did on my Beastman and Minotaur (Bull Ogre) forces. Should I ever need to, I can make the two forces look somewhat integrated.
 The golds do have some highlights in person. You can see it in some places here, but in many the pics have washed it out. I've been having some trouble getting good lighting for photos lately, and I've been using a new camera that I'm not as familiar with. I'll get it eventually!
 The cactus on this one is hand sculpted. Before a Twitter hookup told me about the Pegasus Games cactus boxes.
 I worked a little purple into the loincloth, to help tie this guy to the Tzaangor, and to any daemons I may do later.
That's it for now. Next up I'll be painting a four more Tzaangors, to get the first group of 5 done. Then I'll do 4 more of these guys. Then I'll start doing them in batches of 5, though the fluff nerd in my head keeps pointing out that that isn't the sacred number of Tzeentch.


riot ville said...

That looks great!

Ryan said...

Yes you should definitely do 9 at a time. Looks awesome, I would say I can't wait to see this army, but I know I'll have to. =)

Alexiel453 said...

I absolutely LOVE the cactus in the decor!

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