Monday, December 25, 2017

Tzaangor Sample Color Model

I've finished the first model in what will hopefully be a vast horde of Tzeenchy goodness.

This guy was done up as a test model / sample color scheme. It was an attempt to get to know these models a bit, and to see if I could get a successful color paint scheme together. Also, to see if I would enjoy painting this model.

So, here we go. It's a weird day light-wise, so I included a dark and light version of each image. I was having trouble getting it so it wasn't washed out, or too dark. This is the compromise.
The desert base turned out perfect, given how colorful the model is; it helps mute the whole thing, yet still complements it.

I debated adding more contrast to the weapon blades, but I really dig the super clean look I ended up with there.

Here's the colors I used.
Blue skin:

Purple skin:

Head / body feathers:

Next up: Sample Kairic Acolyte.


Ryan said...

Agree with you on the weapons - they look great with the subtle purple sheen.

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