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The Renegade Open AoS GT - Dark Sons of Khorne

Late November I attended what was my first full GT in my Age of Sigmar career.  Though the tournament only had 20 players, there were 6 games which was double the size of my previous tournament experience of 3 games (Waaghpaca, Adepticon 1 day).

In preparation for the tournament I expanded what was previously a Daemon only Khorne army (I did have a converted Bloodsecrator) so that I could include a Gore Pilgrims battalion.  With time crunch I only did the minimum and painted up 10 Reavers, 5 Blood Warriors and a single Slaughterpriest and used a converted herald of Khorne as my second priest. (See previous blog post)

Renegade GT was held in Minneapolis area and was quite a unique pack compared to what I have played before and what I have heard on podcasts.  It seemingly was 40k ITC in Age of Sigmar form.

Primary Objective - Each player had 4 to pick from and couldn't pick the same one on day 1 (4 games).  Kill Points, Running Objectives, Objective Control at end of game, and eliminate 4 separate units that are chosen at start of game.  Achieving your primary while stopping your opponent gave you 8 pts.

Secondary Objective - Score more secondaries than your opponent.  There were 8 to choose from at the start of each turn and they were scored at the start of your second turn.  (8 points for whoever scored the most of these)

Tertiary Objectives - Slay the General, Linebreaker, Solo Blood (eliminate an enemy unit during a turn that your opponent does not).

It was an interesting way to play Warhammer and provided some very interesting games, but was high pressure in making sure to pick the correct primary

Additionally we had a 500 point sidebar that could be swapped in during deployment of each game.

My Army:

Primary Force:
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (Slaughterborn, Crimson Crown)
Bloodmaster Herald of Khorne
Slaughterpriest (Axe) Bronzed Flesh (+1 Save) Prayer
Slaughterpriest (Wrathhammer) (Killing Frenzy (+1 Hit) Prayer
Bloodsecrator with Brazen Rune

30 Bloodletters
10 Bloodletters
10 Bloodreavers
5 Blood Warriors
3 Bloodcrushers
1 Soul Grinder of Khorne
5 Flesh Hounds

Gore Pilgrims Battalion

5 Khorne Furies
5 Khorne Furies
5 Flesh Hounds
5 Flesh Hounds
5 Skullreapers

Game 1 - Jacob Berry and Khorne Bloodbound.  He had a very similar list but had double killing frenzy and crimson crown on his Jugger hero.

I took kill 4 different units he took kill points.  This game felt like it was decided by whose unit of 30 bloodletters would get in at full strength.  He won the roll to deploy first and with 8 deployments each he got to choose who went first and gave it to me.  I couldn't do much with it, but in his turn he whipped some flesh hounds and cleared my screen of reavers off.  I won the roll for the next turn, and although my 30 letters couldn't get to his, I felt with the position of my thirster I could take advantage.  Unfortunately my BT failed a 5" charge even with the +1 and the result was me being left a bit too open.  He whipped his letters, took damned and got both priest prayers off which meant he was doing mortal wounds on 2+ and getting bonus attacks for a lot of them.  He wiped my BT, my 30 letters and I think 6 of my 10 man unit.

This sealed the deal and the rest was wrap up for Jacob.  We exchanged beers and he got me one after the game.  Had a blast and in the end Khorne was the big winner.  Spent a lot of time over the weekend with Jacob and Ed ( see next game) and the group from California/Nashville.

Game 2 vs Ed Philips Nurgle
Ed had a Battalion of Blightkings and a bunch of other Nurgle including a Soul Grinder which was cool.  He also had a unit of the Stormfiends that do D3 mortal wounds with shooting attacks and 40 Plague monks.

I took hold more objectives as my primary and I don't recall what he took.  This game came down to a big scrum in the middle in which I won a turn roll and was able to get my thirster in and take out his soul grinder and my bloodletters ground out his plague monks.  Then it became a grind with his blightkings and my bloodletters and bloodthirster.  The Thirster with +1 save was huge in this game as it meant the Blightkings (who I have a serious respect for with their exploding attacks now) couldn't get through his 3+ fast enough.  The blood boil prayer was also big as it allowed me to take out his characters and whittle the blight kings down quicker than I could have normally.  The rest of the army (mortals and crushers) took the left flank and the stormfiends on.

In the end a big win for me with primary and secondary and I believe all 3 tertiary.  Ed as mentioned above was a great opponent and we hung out quite a bit over the weekend.  He even managed to catch me at one point without a beer in my hand on Sunday and remedied the problem for me!

Game 3 - Zac Larew Sylvaneth Gnarlroot Wargrove
I took Primary kill points in this one.

He had the normal Gnarlroot stuff and then 2 units of bow hunters, 2 units of dryads and Drycha.  This game was mine when I got the double turn into top of 2.  It didn't help that Zac failed Verdant Blessing and then failed his Ancient getting a wood which left my right side wide open (in front of his ancient).  The 30 bloodletters got souped up from damned and the prayer and I got into the Ancient and 1 unit of bow hunters and dropped them both with a crimson crown BT nearby.  On the left side his dryads in the forest he did bring up took me just about everything else to grind out.  Blood boil and the BT ended up getting Drycha and the other unit of Bow hunters.  The Tree-Revs ended up trying to tie up and kill the bloodletters, but they were big enough to survive and then take them out eventually.

Game 4 - Sylvaneth Tony Pelowski Gnarlroot Wargrove
A bit different list for Tony as he didn't have any Dryads, but he had a Durthu as well as a unit of Sword Hunters.

I took running tally on objectives for this one.

I thought I was going to have a tough time of it in this one when I failed a mystical check with my 30 letters during the bottom of turn 2 and the table was getting covered by wyldwoods.  However, Tony was using the GW Sylvaneth Wood dice and they might as well have been D3's considering the 4-5-6 didn't show up much.
So as I said my Bloodletters failed a mystical test on turn 1 so kinda stuck a bunch of my army behind.  However, my monsters and mortal screen units moved up aggressively.  I could have had a double turn but couldn't take advantage so gave Tony top 2.  He was able to take out the soul grinder, but then in bottom of 2 I got some mortals into the ancient and the thirster into the ancient and Drycha.  I started to whittle them down before the double turn getting in the Bloodletter horde.  Luckily enough I eventually ground out Durthu and Drycha with the Bloodletters and Bloodthirster and then stuck a bit on the Sword Hunters.  His ancient teleported out, but then got into range of a blood boil which rolled a 4 which was just enough to take him down before he could regrow in his next turn.  Again - the Sylvaneth wood dice from GW really let Tony down in this game.  His hunters consistently just missed with their bows as did Durthu for the most part (after taking out the soul grinder).
Throughout the game though I scored my 2 objectives each turn and managed to score one of his at one point which gave me the primary as he was trying to kill 4 of my units which he failed to get the 4th one despite a valiant effort in bottom 5 with his Tree Revenant units both teleporting and charging my Flesh Hounds.

This was a third big win for me heading into day 2.  3-1 and right up there at the top.

Round 5 - Quinn and his Seraphon.   His list had 2 bastiladons which left unchecked could easily ruin my day.  He had a 1 drop Battalion with Starpriest, Oldblood on Carno, Skink Character on Ancient, 2 Bastiladons, 3 units of Saurus and a foot Saurus character.

I took score more objectives at the end in this one.

Quinn took first turn and moved up enough to get some of his shooting in range.  One of them performed well in the first turn and manged to take out the Soul Grinder, but the other really failed and didn't do much else.  Then I moved up aggressively and managed to get the double turn.  On my left the Bloodthirster took out the Oldblood on Carno.  In the middle my bloodletters took out the bastiladon with mortal wounds and a lot of one unit of Saurus.  This scrum in the middle eventually allowed those bloodletters to take out the ancient, and the slann as well as the foot saurus character.  The bloodthirster was able to get to the other Bastiladon with the Bloodreavers eventually as it failed a 2+ teleport and got stuck.

In the end I was able to take this one out with both Primary and Secondary as I got most if not all of his army and landed on the objectives.  Quinn had some bad luck with his Bastiladons with neither doing much more than 5 shots except the first round on their 2d6 roll.

Game 6 - Sean Troy and his Stormcast Eternal Skyborne Slayers list.
I took Primary of running objectives in this one thinking with him coming down in one location I could run up the score.  However, I didn't realize just how spread out he could be setting up within 12" of that marker!

I made a big mistake in this one when trying to stop him from getting anything too juicy when he came down.  For the most part when he gave me turn 1 I expanded out with my screening units and blocked the stuff that was important for me. However, last second I moved a unit of blood warriors to the back of my lines thinking to make sure he couldn't drop behind me (he wouldn't have nor could he have considering the size).  This left a small gap for him to charge into the bloodsecrator and mortal wound mace him off.  From there I tried to come back but my bloodletters kept sticking especially a turn in which I chose a unit of 5 as my pick to destroy (secondary).  I needed 4+ to deal mortal wounds and get bonus attacks and rolled 10 dice...1 4+ and the rest couldn't take out the unit which meant my Bloodletters were stuck there if I got a double turn or wanted to use blood tithe points to move towards his main contingent.  The result was Sean managed to win on Kill Points and sat on 2 objectives long enough to deny me my primary.

Well played by Sean capitalizing on the mistakes I did make and he even once chose not to fight me with a model just to keep me from hitting 4 blood tithe points ahead of my turn.

So I finished my first GT 4-2 which I have to say is better than I expected to do.  The bloodletters really do manage to evaporate whatever they touch with the crown nearby and the +1 to hit prayer.

I hear a lot about Tzeentch being top, and how nasty Kharadron can be and luckily I didn't end up facing them.  I have to say that although the ITC style event was a little much to grasp at the beginning by game 3 I think everyone had it figured out and understood how it worked.  I did miss out on an opportunity to play the actual GHB17 scenarios of which I have only played two though.

I really enjoy Khorne, but I am excited to play a different soon as I can finish one.

Units of the Tournament:
Bloodletters - too obvious to even talk about
Slaughterpriests - despite the obvious +1 to hit prayer, the Blood Boil actually became one of my best ranged damage dealers.  I found myself pushing these guys up with their mortal companions screening in order to get into 16" range to boil stuff.  I never did see a reason to use the blood bind prayer, but I also had it ready just in case. The D6 mortal wounds always seemed a better option.

Units that struggled:
Bloodcrushers - Considering their point cost these guys just really struggle.  I feel like their charge D3 mortal wounds roll needs to be for each model that makes it within .5" to give them a bit more punch.  Additionally can we please have 5 wounds like Skullcrushers?

Soul Grinder - I knew he wasn't a great choice, but I love my model too much.  I never subbed him out and really want him to be good, but 4+ to hit on just about everything has me really wanting to shelve him.  He just doesn't have enough attacks to only hit on 4's.  His 16 wounds is a lot and his shooting attacks are nice here and there.  I did give him the +1 to hit prayer in a turn 1 once which really helped the shooting out.

Excited for Waaaghpaca which I'll be playing in a narrative event, and then Adepticon which will hopefully be the last GT with Khorne for awhile (if I can finish SCE or Sylvaneth).   I will likely be boosting my second unit of Bloodletters to 30 and making room for them with the crushers.  Furies and Flesh Hounds will likely be coming in to replace the Soulgrinder.


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