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Sons of Dracothion - Liberators

Sons of Dracothion


Many of you may remember when a White Dwarf came with a Stormcast Eternal liberator and I (along with many others) painted it up in a few competitions on Twitter, etc.  Well I enjoyed it so much I invested in quite a few Stormcast, but due to other projects never started on them.  Well I'm finally back to the blog with an update of what I have been doing.  I took the original idea seen below and created my own Stormcast Chamber - Sons of Dracothion.

Having read through several of the Realmgate wars books and seen several SCE armies at Adepticon I really liked the story and the color scheme of the Celestial Vindicators.  However, I wanted to make my own chamber so my Chamber is made up of Stormcast that have all been seconded from Celestial Vindicators upon reforging.  To solidify his pact/partnership with the great stardrake, Sigmar saw fit to honor him by removing many of his own symbols (Lightning Bolt, Hammer, etc.) and replacing it with the Drake's Head.  These Stormcast are all those Vindicators who have shown a strong affinity to Dracoths, or Stardrakes or share their temperament, especially when it comes to Chaos.  I decided on the realm of Ghyran for my army to fight in as it allowed me the opportunity to use the citadel leaves on my bases which I have been wanting to do for awhile.

I will be working to continue to expand on the fluff before my first tourney with this chamber, but for now this will be a walk through of how I got to this point of the army and this particular unit.

*Did not plan ahead so I will show progress shots such as I posted to Twitter

The first step for me was to get (with the airbrush) the base armor color down the way I liked it.  The official GW color scheme for the vindicators included Sotek "Green" which in my opinion should be Sotek Blue as it was too Blue for my taste.  Below you can see the test models of my first two airbrush mixes.
The one on the Right (more green) is what I went with

The final mix and base layer is with an airbrush.  I start with a black undercoat and mix 3:1 Troll Hide and Gremlin Green (Minitaire Air Paints).  This I gradually build up over the black, focusing several times on the higher points.

The next step is to tape of the areas of the model that I have just painted and airbrush the two shoulder pads.  The red pad is Regal Red followed by a highlight right in the middle of Angelic Blood (Minitaire). Same process for the shields and blades.

The white shoulder pad is 2:1 Werewolf Grey:Snow White followed by Snow White (Minitaire).  You can see the 5 liberators below after the airbrushing is completed.

The #'s on the tape help me to remember which shield goes to which liberator.

Once this is done I edge highlight the armor panels with a 1:1 mix of Sybarite Green and Temple Guard Blue (GW paints).  I add Ulthuan Grey to the mix and do another layer and finally a pin prick highlight of straight Ulthuan Grey.

First Test Model - Went back to shoulder pad airbrushing after.

Highlights going on Liberators.

Next step for me was to paint all the parts that would be red;  Blade handles, Skirt, Face/Hair Markings, Prime's Robe.  These were painted using the following GW paints:

Red Accents
Base - Khorne Red
Wash - 1:1 Druchii Violet/Nuln Oil
Layer - Khorne
Mixing as I went on these next 3 colors.
Layer(S) - Khorne, Wazdakka, Pallid Wych Flesh

Additionally I used this same method to highlight the shoulder pads and blades.

Base - Ulthuan Grey
Wash - 1:1:1 Werewolf Grey (Minitaire), Drakenhof Nightshade, Lahmian Medium
Layer - Ulthuan Grey
Layer - White Scar

Base - Celestra Grey
Wash - 1:1 Coelia Greenshade/Lahmian Medium
Layer - Ulthuan Grey

Base - Warplock Bronze
Wash - Agrax Earthshade
Layer - Runelord Brass
Layer - 1:1 RB/Runefang Steel

Black Sword Sheaths
Base - Abaddon Black
Layer - Stegadon Scale Green
Layer - Kabalite Green

The next step was the basing of my new army.  Always a critical decision for me and one that I always find a way to make overly complicated which adds another big layer of painting in order to complete.

I started with a Green stuff world roller to create cobblestones.  These I glue on in random patterns showing the broken area of the Realm of Ghyran.  I then used (Holy Hammer Hern's recipe) wood bark and spackle in order to fill out the base around the tiles.  This I then ran a layer of PVA over after sanding and glued leaves and other brush to the bases.
Bases prior to painting

Bases after painting, before tufts

Basing was done in several ways. with two different colored tiles.

Green Tiles/Rocks (Tiles using layering, rocks using Drybrush)
Base - 1:1 Abaddon Black/Incubi Darkness
Layer - Incubi Darkness
Layer - Kabalite Green
Spot - Sybarite Green

White Tiles
Base - Celestra Gray
Marble - same colors as other tiles.
Marbling white highlight - Ulthuan Grey

For the marbling I started with a small line of Incubi darkness and then layered it up before finally highlighting on one side of the remaining white with Ulthuan Grey similar to what you would do for battle damage.

For the battle damage I really wanted to add this in as I love the look and fits the image I have for the army.  Battling across Ghyran helping Alarielle clean up the rest of her realm from Nurgle and the forces of chaos.  This was just done with black dots/lines across the armor and then the final edge highlight of whatever color the dot/line was on underneath.

I also added some free hand on the black inside of the Prime's robe.  This was meant to look like drake scales.  Turned out alright, I'm sure I can do better next time.

In all their glory, the first finished unit of the Sons of Dracothion led by Liberator Prime - Rakar the Bloodblade.


**Unfortunately during the seal coat process there was some fuzzing that happened, but what do you do...


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