Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bullogor Frostlord on Foot Finished

I've finally finished something! Been painting on this guy for weeks!

When on foot, he can be used as a Hunter. Really I just made him dismountable so the whole thing would be easier (and less daunting) to paint.

He's very much like the other big minotaur characters that I've done using the GW Plastic Minotaur box set.

I used a bunch of Ogor bitz to make him look more Frostlordy, and resculpted the fur.
The feet are well magneted to the base. The hand holding the crossbow is magneted on also.
The base is a drop in laser cut wood round base, with a standard 40mm round base in the center.

Next up I'll be doing some of the ancillary bitz before starting the massive Stonehorn model.


Ryan said...

Can't wait to see this guy on the big beastie! Looks great and an amazing conversion.

Have you done a tutorial on your burnished/rusted metals? I would love to try to enact that technique on my Blades of Khorne Bloodreavers.

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