Saturday, April 29, 2017

Eldar Wraithlord

I've finally managed to finish something this morning, despite a busy weekend of house work and property management. I've been painting through the various bits on this guy for several weeks. Most of the model (torso, legs, and base) were done a long time ago; this is a part of my current plan to finish old half done projects while I wait for a focus to my nerd energies to come to the fore.
I've about had enough with blending purples!

I may eventually add the other shoulder gun, but I don't care to make the model look any more busy than it already does.
This is my second stab at doing the head. I went through a ton of ideas in how to do it, what to do on it, and all that. I was going to do some fancy freehand similar to what I did on the loin cloth, but I wasn't sure that would be a good fit for what this model had become. In the end I turned the question over to Twitter, and got some solid responses. What I went with was a solar eclipse, recommended by @Warlando777 on Twitter. I played with the colors a bit to make everything tie together. This seemed very fitting since the entire model is an intense foray into blending; this was a way to continue that theme one the head, not make it too busy/distracting from everything else on the model, and to do some fun freehand.
The freehand on the loin cloth was pulled from an eldar glyph website. Here's the link: Such an amazing wealth of nerd knowledge there! The one I used is as follows:
The last pic below might show it better than the ones up here in this post.
I may go back and do some tweaking / reworking of the base, but for now, I'm calling this big guy done. I've had more than enough.
The main color palette for the model is 3 colors. Purple, blue/green, and white. The gold on the center of the backpack is low key, and is intended to pull the base and the model together. I added a tiny bit of that gold to the front, where the loin cloth joins the model. I wanted to keep as much of that off the main model as possible.
The last pic here shows all of the eldar models I've painted to date, lol.

Next up, I think I'll work on building some models. Not sure what I'll paint next, but I'm sure you'll see it here when I do it.


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