Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bull Ogor Frostlord on Stonehorn (Hunter on Foot) Conversion

After almost 42 hours of sculpting, converting, and kit-bashing, I've finished this behemoth. It's the reason I haven't been working on much else, as it got to be rather all encompassing by the end.

The Bull Ogor Frostlord on Stonehorn:

Here's some more detailed shots:
As you can see, I went through a ton of Green Stuff!

I also did everything I could to make this model versatile, considering how long it takes me to do anything. The right hand is magneted to his wrist, so I can swap out riders; as are the points where the chains connect to the beast's head. The seat is magneted to the beast, so I can swap that out. The head of the beast is also magneted on, so I can make him into a Thundertusk.

I really challenged myself on the sculpting on the spear. I'm really happy with the result, and I think it flows well with the model (back to my whole Seamless Conversion concept).

I also discovered a new method of doing the fur on the beast which looks better, and takes less time. I did so much of it, I ended up stumbling onto it when I was almost done. If you look close you'll notice the fur on the front legs is a slightly different style than that on the rest of the body. I'll do a separate blog post on that at some point.
I added the animal skin over his shoulders to mimic the stock GW Frostlord model. Same for the spear.
I pulled bitz from several different kits. The giant, the plastic minotaur box set, ogors box set, the stonehorn box set, the ghorgon box set, and more.

The throne was mostly custom made. I used the other seat bitz from the original kit while building a few other options for this model, so had to improvise on a proper seat for him.
Many of the parts that will eventually be permanent are currently loosely attached, to make painting easier. That's true of the banner, and the shield. Here's a shot of all the parts this big guy breaks down into:

One more thing of note with this model: He's going to double as a Hunter model on foot.

The Hunter:
There're magnets in his feet, and in the base to hold him on there.
I've always loved the idea of doing up a Bull Ogor Hunter model, so I had that in mind strongly when working on this overall conversion. It was a part of the initial thought process.

I'm rather burned out on conversion work at this point. I really haven't done much else but work on this fella for over a month. Next up I'll be painting on some half finished projects, trying to clear the paint table a bit.


Ryan said...

Amazing that you were able to make this guy so easily customized with the magnets. Obviously a lot of thought went into this guy before you started the scultping which is cool to see.

Definitely agree on the spear, looks like it was made for this model and just added to the Minotaur.

Excellent work, can't wait to see this guy painted up!

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