Thursday, January 19, 2017

Orctonnian Lord on Boar Conversion

Here's the Orctonnian Lord, finally converted up.
It's nice to have time to get back to some fun sculpting projects! With my renewed interest in AoS, hopefully I can make some progress on this force for a change!

I didn't make any major changes to the boar, just covered it in fur to be consistent with the rest of the boars in the army.

He's based off an Avatars of War Orc Lord on Warboar (see pic below). I never attached the helmet horns he came with, having added the crest and cloth wrap you see here instead. The cloak had to be repositioned to work with the change in posture I have him, it was lengthened a bit as well. The right arm was repositioned to properly hold the lance, which required resculpting of the right elbow and parts of the arm.
The base is a bit big, it's a drop in laser cut wood base that the old cavalry bases drop into. It works great, and is consistent with some of the other Orctonnian knights that I've finished. Cheers to TC Wayne for the bases!
 That cloak was a real beast to deal with. This model is pretty hefty weight-wise, with all that metal on it.
The shield was custom made out of plastic card. The standard GW Bretonnian bases were too small looking on him. Obviously the same goes for the lance. The bulky silver parts of the lance were found at the craft store. They're some kind of little cones that I found in the necklace / bracelet making section; I picked up a whole pack of different sized ones for $2.99.

Here's what the original model looks like, sans conversion.

Here's some size comparisons with a finished Orctonnian Knight, so you can get an idea of how massive he is.

That's it for now. I'm currently working on painting up a half finished Orctonnian Knight, and building some Eldar stuff. Not sure where my main focus will end up, but it's fun putzing around with such a variety!


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