Monday, January 9, 2017

Infinity Aleph Force Complete (And Display Board Completion)

I'm all done with this Infinity effort. I checked my timeline, and I finished the first model for this crew on January 16, 2016. That's a solid year of effort. The only things I worked on that weren't related to Infinity this year was a bit of sculpting on an AoS project.

This post will also serve as the completion of the display board post. I have a bunch of WIP shots of the painting of it, but they're honestly not that interesting.
I'm stoked with how all this came together. It has the feel that I was going for: clean, crisp, bright, post-apocolyptic, and somehow robotically efficient.

The pics may seem a bit weird, I was moving the focus around to different parts of the display for the best possible detail on everything across the group of photos.
The purples and yellows I did on the base worked really well to add some color, and they complement the colors of the models themselves. The display board and buildings/barricades thereon were painted in the exact tones and style of the bases of the minis themselves to help tie the whole lot together.
These models are fantastic. I can't say enough about how nice it was to work with such detailed little figs. I also like the true 28mm scale of them vs the heroic scales I'd been doing for the last several years.
As much of a hassle as they are to paint, the robot models turn out so clean looking. I'm a huge fan of that. I considered some battle damage and wear 'n tear, but in the end I like the really crisp and clean look I got here.
I wasn't sure what to do with the edges of the display board. I thought about doing it a solid medium gray like the edges of the miniatures, but in the end decided to use the drybrush in order to not draw any undue attention where it wasn't due. As it is, it looks finished, and the edges just disappear into the whole of the model.
I almost wrote my name on the edge of the display board, but I wanted whatever I did to complement the models, the scene, and the color scheme. A bit of graffiti work on that front barricade solved the issue. That was all freehanded with a size 1 (tiny) brush. My first attempt was unsuccessful, and after getting my name on there I had to repaint the barricade black, and redo the gray and white drybrush tones to start over. I'm happy with the results, although I could likely do even better if I went at it a 3rd time.
That's it for now. I'm excited to move on and work on something new, although I'm not entirely sure what I'll put my nerd efforts into at this point. Likely that'll be wrapping up a few half done projects, while tossing around the idea of starting a 40K Kill Team force.


Unknown said...

Your stuff really inspires me Johnny, well done sir! It makes me want to paint when I see your Infinity stuff.

As an aside, I think that you played one of the dudes on the LHost podcast. Episode 2, check it out!

Johnny Hastings said...

Thanks for the comment, and the info Adam. I'll check LHost out.

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