Sunday, January 8, 2017

Infinity Aleph Agêma Marksman w/ Missile Launcher

I've finished the Agêma Marksman with missile launcher. 

He took a bit longer than I'd anticipated, mostly due to all the little extra bits on him; though a good sized home remodeling project also reared its ugly head, and got in the way.
He was fun to paint. Different enough from the rest of the Aleph stuff to not be boring or repetitive. 

He's the last of the lot, for my 300 point force for WAAAGH!Paca.  As you can see, my standard Aleph color scheme. I'm a pro at that lot of colors by now!
All I need to do at this point for the Aleph stuff is finish the display board that I started. It's almost there, a bit more paint; and that's it. Stay tuned for some pics of that, along with the entire Aleph force in the next few days here. 


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