Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Infinity Aleph Sophotect

Despite the boring slag through that bit of base tech she has around her feet, I've finally finished the Sophotect.

She's the penultimate Infinity model that I need completed for WAAAGH!Paca so I'm rather stoked to be starting on the last one of the lot. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here though.

Here's the Sophotect:
What a sweet model!

As you can see, my standard Aleph color scheme on the clothing and gear. I did something completely different on the skin. I started with a Dark Flesh color, and worked my way up to Elf Flesh (if you're familiar with the old Citadel colors).  For the last few shades I added a bit of Screaming Skull, which is the final highlight color of the creams on the whole model, to tie it all together. Usually I do some inks/washes on the skin, but I really like this; it turned out so much cleaner looking. I think that cleaner look suites the model well.
I spent way more time on the hair than I should have. It's also a Dark Flesh basecoat. The highlights were done by adding Fiery Orange, then by adding Screaming Skull to that mix. I switched gears and added some yellow tones to a few strands of hair, just to mix it up. It doesn't come through overly well in the pics, but it's a nice touch in person; it looks like she was off at the beautician getting highlights in her hair before the battle.
The only tedious part of the model itself was the edging on the cloak. It's a nice touch though, so I consider it worth the effort.

Here's the whole lot of models that I have built for Infinity thus far, on the army display/movement board that still needs paint.
The Agema Marksman up front with the missile launcher is last in line for paint (for my 300 pt WAAAGH!Paca Narrative event list). After that I just have to do the display board. Finally almost at the finish line with this project, the first model of which was started back in early January, 2016, and finished on January 16, 2016. Lol, an entire year to paint a handful of these things.


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