Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Creating my own Munitorum Armored Containers and Promethium Tanks

Games Workshop decided to release a new set of terrain that does a great job of blocking line of sight and providing for cover.  Then they went and gave it a really cool Data Sheet to allow for some cool rules in game.  I was able to get my hands on the data sheet via the white dwarf and from there decided I would make my own using some left over wood that I had.

With the creative juices flowing I prepped my Miter Saw, the airbrush and went to work.

The Box set from GW for $50

Here you see all the cool stuff you get with this box of scenery from GW.  Barrels of promethium, ammunition crates and 3 supply crates.  I set out to make similar size and shape for my pieces. To start with I had to find some promethium barrels.

Hobby Lobby $1.99 plus 40% coupon...DEAL

So I stopped by Hobby Lobby and found this little package for a really nice price.  I used some wood glue to glue 3 groups of 3 together in various shapes.  Once dry I primed them red, painted on some black and metallic and added a flame decal.  DONE.

The 6 sizes of crates and the bits and bobs attached

The next piece to recreate were the armored containers themselves.  Getting the dimensions I chose the wood and cut them out into 3 separate blocks.  Since I sometimes (rarely) play infinity too I created some smaller versions as well which were half the size of the big ones.

Once the blocks were created I set the miter saw to 45 deg and started sawing off the edges to get them a few more edges and make them look a little more similar to the true design.  These weren't perfect as I eyeballed where to cut on each edge, but the overall effect turned out pretty cool.

Once the blocks were done I raided my leftover parts from some Warsenal terrain that I had previously built.  There were some cool pieces that looked like keyed entry and some pieces I used as built in ladder rungs.  then I added some Imperial eagles, some tow hooks and they were ready for paint.

The first step was to decide on colors.  I went with the colors of some of the armies I play (Dark Angels and Raven Guard) and then added the Blood Angels as well because I wanted some red ones.

Using 2" painters tape I cut out the images of the Dark Angels and Raven Guard and used the airbrush to add their symbols.  You can see the DA symbol above.

Using hexagon stencils from Anarchy Models

Next (not necessary) I wanted to play with the hexagon stencils I picked up from Anarchy models.  Using the airbrush I gradually added the colors and ended up with the 3 different looks below:

Once this was complete I painted the rest of the bits and bobs and added some additional colors to the "keypads".  I then added some more imperial decals including numbers, and warning stripes.

Once this was done I used a sponge to add metallic chips.  I focused this on where the actual wood had chips and rough spots to make those areas look like real damage.

Once this was done I used two separate pigments to add rust to the metallic ladders and chips and then sealed them.  DONE all for a little extra time and $1.20.

I've since bought more of the promethium barrels for additional scatter terrain and bought some of the larger sizes and a different version all to create additional terrain and/or objectives.  These pre-made wood pieces are great from Hobby Lobby and cheap too.


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