Friday, July 1, 2016

Raven Guard Scouts

Raven Guard Veteran Scout Sergeant

To this day I still say I never should have started reading the Horus Heresy series because it has led me down a path to purchase for more 40k armies than I could ever paint and play with...

I did though, and it has led me to the Raven Guard.  I barely have 1,000 points painted of my Dark Angels army and just had to dive into the Raven Guard.  Jump Infantry are Space Marines that really excite me and I enjoy playing on the table top, but the Dark Angels just didn't have the rules to make me want to build and paint them.  I then read Deliverance Lost and remembered the RG chapter tactics and my new project was born.  Especially after reading the Kauyon fluff and the RG formations and rules.

I decided as I worked on this army I would paint them up in Formations.  We will see if this continues, but for now I am working on a Shadowstrike Kill Team (2-4 Scout Squads and 1-3 Vanguard Veteran Squads). Here you will see my two scout squads ready to bring down the Veterans (which I am currently working on).

The first unit I painted was this unit of bolter scouts

At the suggestion of several people on Twitter I have since gone back and covered up the edges of the ice so that the gaps aren't visible to the base.

The second unit I have now finished are the Sniper Scouts with the Veteran Sergeant who usually carries Nihilus (RG Relic)

Also included in the picture is a Missile Launcher Scout - he will usually be included in the bolter group as an upgrade.

Thanks to Roder for having an amazing Tau army at Waaaghpaca and getting me the link to Anarchy model stencils.  I chose the small shattered stencil for their cloaks.

Can't wait to continue to flesh out this army, especially now that I'm getting to the JUMP PACK units!


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