Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Additional Warsenal Infinity Terrain - Walkways Complete

 Recently I went to work on some additional Infinity Warsenal terrain.  In the picture below you can see the completed Walkway.  I followed the same recipe as I did in the first piece I completed.

Really enjoying how this terrain paints up and turns out.  The airbrush is a lot of fun to use and although it's really tedious masking parts and highlighting the paint chipping, the end result is great.

Close up on the ladders and the Mantlets

I haven't had a chance to play on this yet now that it is painted, but I am looking forward to getting some additional pieces done.  Some of you may have seen I bought some new releases at Adepticon in the form of the Morat Crates and the Morat Trenches.  I will get another post up soon as I have now completed the crates and will be working on the Trenches soon!


Rodge said...

Looks great!

Ryan said...

Thanks Rodge! Going to see its first play this weekend.

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