Friday, March 11, 2016

Point Hammered History - Old MtG Style 6th Ed Warhammer Spell Cards

Here's the old 6th Ed (I think) Warhammer spell cards I made, as mentioned on Point Hammered episode #141. Long before we had legitimately made (though pricey) GW sanctioned spell cards, we had to come up with our own solution.

We'll start with this real doosey. The Wild Call was a Bray Shaman only spell. That's an xray of a cell phone jammed up someone's hind end.

The actual lores I did were only the ones available to Beastmen at the time.

Here's the Lore of Beasts:
 The best part of all this was using images of my friends and myself on the cards.
 Not sure who this lady is, but she looks like a hunter, that's for sure.
 The (Blue) Oxen Stands

Here's the old Lore of Death:
I've always had a thing for the Misfits.
 This one is self explanatory.
 These are my old kitties, Loki and Mynx.
 This was a rip that all women were evil, I believe I was going through a break up when I made these.
 Rodgers as Borat.

Next up, Lore of Shadows:
This one was a no brainer.
 That's a crown alright.
 Been here too many times to count.
 Best I could do at the time apparently.
 One of my old school ungor riding tuskgor conversions.

Lastly was the Lore of Tzeentch, if you took a Mark of Tzeentch on your Bray Shaman.
No idea what I was going for here. Lightsaber umbrella?
 Again, no idea...
 These were my bestigor conversions, which I usually marked Tzeentch.
 Red horse breathing fire, sort of makes sense, right?
 That's Golke's head there, floating in the violet fire.
 At least this one includes both yellow fire and transformation.

That's it for the trip down spell card memory lane. Hope you enjoyed the flashlight.


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