Saturday, March 26, 2016

Infinity Aleph Dakini Tacbot

Finished the 4th model in my Infinity crew. The Dakini Tacbot.
Once again with the same palette I used on the Devabot. I did no real variance from it for this one.

From now on however, I'm doing some different colors on these models.
 All these little plates and pieces are so tedious! I probably have 12 to 14 hours into this guy, not counting the time it took to build the custom base.
 Overall I really like how he turned out. Every time I do one of these I learn a bunch.
After this guy, there's two more just like him in my initial list. Ugh.

Here's a shot of the whole crew to date:
I think I'll be working with more of the pinks and purple tones on future minis. This cream and gray stuff is getting rather boring!

Up next is the Naga Hacker!


Ryan said...

I can't imagine trying to blend that many small little plates - can definitely see why that would take that many hours!

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