Friday, February 26, 2016

Warsenal - Infinity(40k) terrain first piece

I wanted to take a minute to show off the first piece (test if you will) for the Warsenal terrain I bought.  I currently do not own any infinity models and have only played one sample game in which we used only a couple of models.  However, the terrain is really cool and I play enough 40k where I thought it could work very well.  So with that I got aggressive last weekend and knocked one piece out in a red/gray scheme.

Thanks to WAAAGHPACA and Dale Bartz for giving me some serious inspiration.  Dale's table and so many other tables at that tournament were so cool I really wanted to give it a try.  However, red being my favorite color I knew I wanted to take what Warsenal had done and add the red where the green was.

The first step I did was to paint the red.  I had built the entire unit already so knew I would have to mask and figured the red was the smaller piece so it would be easier to mask.

Here is the piece after the airbrushing

Here is the finished piece with battle damage.  I still need the stairs and some barricades to finish the piece completely as there are still 3 slots missing but overall I thought it turned out great and really liked the effect.

For a great tutorial follow @WaqCBC on twitter.  Go through his timeline he has a link to his blog post outlining how he goes about creating his which I followed (for the most part).


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