Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Infinity Aleph Asuras

I've been on a real roll working through the Aleph stuff. Haven't been this motivated in years! I've finished the 3rd model in my crew, the Aleph Asuras. Here's a shot of the whole crew so far.
As you can see, I kept the palette limited to the same colors I used on the other two models.

That's cream, gray, and pastel purple/pink.
Since it's a robot, I decided to not go nuts on the makeup, like I did on the first Deva I painted. I also opted to not paint the nipples on like they were on the box cover, seemed a bit excessive.
I'm extremely happy with how the gun turned out. It took about an hour, and when I was done with it I had impressed my self. All told I have about 8 hours into the painting on this one, including the base.
The humanoids paint up way faster than the actual robot ones. All those segments and sections take so much extra time. This one was a breeze compared to that!
Here's another shot of the whole crew together. Next up I'll be painting that Tacbot you see in the background there.
That's it for now. Let's hope motivation stays high.


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