Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Infinity Aleph Deva

Here's my Deva Functionary. The first Infinity model that I've actually finished. I took me a while to get decent pics, as the lighting in my new place is pretty meh. Anyways, here goes:
I tried to stick to traditional Aleph colors of purples, grays, and blacks.

I went through heck trying to find a solid basing scheme. I really didn't want to do rubble; I was hoping for crisp and clean and futuristic. Sadly, every sample I found of that was just boring. In the end I decided on he rubble because the possibilities are endless in terms of building things up, adding color, and making them interesting.
I got some purple flowers in order to tie all the non-skin model colors into the base. 

I was really happy with the result, despite how fiddly the metal models are. I broke the arms off no less than 20 times while painting her. That's extremely frustrating when you've painted the skin and arms really nicely already. I've got the rest of these models set up for some proper pinning!

Next up for my Infinity painting will be the Devabot.


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