Sunday, January 10, 2016

AoS Khorne Bloodbound Conversion

I finished this guy a while ago. I'm really struggling to get good photos these days. These ones are the best I could get after several attempts. Hopefully I'll get that sorted before too long.

As you can see, I altered the head and shoulder pad on this fella. I don't care for the helmets overly much; while they look pretty kewl, there's way more character / personality in a face! The dreadlocks I sculpted on there with green stuff.
Part of the reason I painted this guy was to test a theory I'd been working on regarding doing armor with different colored washes. The technique was simple, basecoat with dark metallic color, wash heavily with red, then highlight with sequentially lighter shades of silver metallics. I ended up having to do more red washes in between the layers to keep things looking sufficiently red.

I'm really happy with the way the armor turned out. I also think this method will work well for other colors should I decide to do a Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch chaos warrior. I have some sample models built, just have to get around to painting them.

Here's a shot in different lighting, it got a bit washed out.
The snow on the base was done with the Secret Weapon Miniatures glass dust snow kit.
This fella was a fun little project. I didn't take any of it too seriously, except the armor I guess. It's really nice to paint something different up once in a while, and also to not care too terribly much about making every detail perfect.


Ryan said...

That is a really cool armor effect! Sounds like it took a lot of work...but the end result seems definitely worth it IMO. Snow looks cool too, I tend to prefer the brighter perhaps more fake looking snow, but that realistic melting effect you have going is pretty legit.

Unknown said...

This is really awesome! How did you sculpt the dreads?

Was that red ink that you put over the brass as well?

Unknown said...

Cool article, this is something I have always thought about trying out but never actually getting to it. How many layers of wash and highlighting did it have you to get to the end result?

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