Sunday, October 4, 2015

Do it yourself Saga dice!

With the collapse of Warhammer, I've been having fun with other systems. Messing around with papercraft for Infinity has gotten me intrigued in other aspects of hobby craft not directly related to the miniatures themselves.

This post will explain all the material involved and show you how to put these sumbitches together!

First up, why would you make your own?

1) The official ones only come in one hideous color combination for each faction. They could be intentionally making them look like dice from the 60s or 70s for a throwback feel but I sorta doubt that. Having your own specific dice for any game is part of the fun.

2) These sets run $19 a pop on Ebay. As a game component, it's actually a pretty fair cost. As dice go, that is on the expensive side. If you want to run multiple factions, that's where it'll hit yer wallet. The elbow grease you'll put into these custom dice is probably about two or three hours all told, so it may still be worth it to drop your bucks on these clown dice, but every hidden hobby dollar helps!

3) The official ones only have one rare symbol per side! When I play I want 2 or 3 rare symbols per die to make sure I can power all the best orders!

Note: I realize there are other ways around having the official dice. Such as just using normal dice and allocating numbers for each symbol or various color codings with an overlay over the battle board. For me, part of the fun is the thematic symbols for each faction so I wanted to use them.

Anyways, let's build these suckers.

Step 1 - Get some blank dice. I picked up a set of 25 black ones off Ebay for $5.79 + $1.99 shipping.
 That is enough for 3 sets of faction dice. There are even bigger lots out there you could pick up and split out to your compatriots. 16mm is the standard big dice size.

You will also need Scotch Scrapbook Glue with 2-Way applicator. We want to use the sponge tip.

Step 2 - Photoshop each icon. This is the most time consuming part. Either scan the battle board or find a high res pic of your chosen board on google image search. I made each image 13 x 13mm and popped them into a word doc for printing.

Step 3 - Print them bastards. I used photopaper since I'm a fancy lad for maximum durability. (Note that when I printed these I didn't know you could only use 8 dice total per game!)

Step 4 - Score each side of the dice with a file or something sharp to help the glue stick.

Step 5 - Cut out the little symbols. These dice were curved a bit so I had to trim the corners to make sure no paper stuck out.

Step 7 - Take a black marker and color around the edges of the paper to help it blend into the dice.

Step 8 - Glue them to each side of the dice using the sponge side of the scrapbooker's glue. I'm a little OCD so I copied the layout on an official die and made sure each die was the same. I did 3 sides on each one, let them dry and did the rest the following day. If you try to do them all in one go you will accidentally push the images off center as you handle them.

Step 9 - Varnish them. I used Krylon Crystal Clear #1303 gloss spray in two steps. Spray, let it dry, flip the dice and spray again. This will make the dice and paper reflectivity very similar, making it difficult to note that their is paper glued to each facing without a close examination.

After playing a game, I have to say they seem as durable as regular dice. I will probably carry them in their own little container instead of a dice bag to limit rubbing up against other dice just in case but they seem solid to me!

Anyways, that's it for now. Time to make some Fatigue markers I suppose!

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Eric Hagen said...

The black is definitely a nice trade off from the green. Welcome to old man games!

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