Friday, September 18, 2015

Shadowed Angels - sweet new ride

Quick update of some of the painting I was able to accomplish during my Paint Escalation League as well as a little history on how they've performed so far.

I painted a Rhino a Razorback and a Venerable Dreadnought.  I was waiting to do this blog post since I want to do some battle damage, and some dirt on the tanks, but after a month I realized that other models will be taking priority so wanted to show the efforts I have made.  IF I manage to go back and add the details that I want to I will change up the pictures here.

 Venerable Dreadnought - This guy has since gotten some decals placed on his legs, arm and back smoke stack, but unfortunately I don't have any pics of those at the moment for some reason.  So far he's performed fairly miserably in my games dying to a vortex, a plasmagun, and really doing a whole lot of nothing but looking good.  However, he does that very well (IMO).  It's also great when your opponent rolls that 7 on the vehicle damage table to explode him, gets all excited and you get to say...sorry please re-roll that.

Here are a couple shots of the airbrushing in action:

 Next up is a Rhino and Razorback for my Tactical Squads.  The Razorback single handedly won my my last game with a 46.5" Las Cannon shot that sniped my opponents Warlord and freed my prisoner netting me 6 objective points to win 6-1 on the bottom of the last turn!  I really should put a marksman decal on the las cannon for my future games to remind myself.  In the same game however, the Rhino Immobilised itself in some trees, repaired itself the following turn only to IMMOBILISE itself again!!'re going back to Mars for a new machine spirit.
 Hard to tell, but I used a skull decal in the front and then free-handed the robes around it

Here you can see the new DA decals hard at work

Airbrush on these tanks was so much fun.  I was kicking myself for not doing my other two tanks at the same time.  I thought it would just end up taking too much time, but really the airbrushing portion went really fast.  It was all the details, metal, etc that really burned up the time.

Thanks for checking it out - really enjoying 40k at the moment and really wishing I had more time for it!


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