Sunday, July 12, 2015

Orc of the Realm #7 - Unit Champion

Wrapped up this guy last night.
He was a real blast to paint.

I did some things with purples and with the green skin tones that I'd never done before.
The skin tones were done with these colors. I was trying to go as light as I possibly could with the highlights.
The purples were done with a dark purple, then lightened with a medium gray, with the final highlights being done with a light gray.
The whites/grays were done with a medium gray basecoat (same one used to lighten the purples), followed by a light gray highlight (also the same one used to lighten the purples), and lastly it was highlight with white. There were mixed tones in between shades there.

Next up I'll be doing the musician. I'm thinking yellow and black for his heraldry colors. Probably have to go light on the skin if I go with black heraldry. I'm stoked to try it though, haven't done black heraldry yet.


Rhuell said...

Looks sick as always. But where are those oval cavalry bases?

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