Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mag Bastards Tackle Stormcast Liberators

Age of Sigmar is here - With a "FREE" Model?

Games workshop is doing some very different things with this game including giving away free starter sets, free rules, and GASP - free models with the White Dwarf.  As such two of the Bastards (myself and Jon Kerr) went ahead an painted the free model up, with a few of our own touches of course!

Kislev is alive and well in the Age of Sigmar!  I’ve been working on a Kislev army for a few months, but progress has stopped lately due to the uncertainty of Age of Sigmar.  As soon as I got the free Stormcast from White Dwarf, I knew I had to turn him into a Kislevite!

Perhaps he’s a survivor of the End Times?  Perhaps a reincarnated Kislev warrior, or perhaps he’ll eventually end up part of a larger force of Kislev Stormcast!!

Overall I thought Jon did a really good job of converting this model into a Kislevite.  I don't know if those viewing remember his other stuff, but I wish I could have included a model of this guy standing next to his Nurgle Lord Conversion and the rest of his stuff. (Actually I probably could go get these pics, but I'm feeling lazy).

I don't know where this head came from but I think it fits perfectly.  Love the color combos at play for this army and hope he can find a way to get this army ready for Age of Sigmar or the continuation of 8th if that is happening across the pond.

Dracothian Stormcast - or something

For my model I planned on trying out my airbrush on a smaller model and seeing what I could do with it. (read: Airbrushing power armor)  As cool as I think the actual models are, I can't stand the heads.  They lack the personality needed to make these great models IMO.

Enter the Space Wolves heads that I had in my bits box.  The power armor necks on these guys fit in perfectly into the spot for this model.  Add in some filing of the lightning bolts all over and we have ourselves the guy below.

I really love the way this guy turned out and had a blast painting him.  Initially I was going for "Black" armor but after one round of the gray I knew I wanted to go brighter and we ended up with what you see.  I looked around for ways to avoid spending too much time on the free hand work and read something about Sigmar holding hands with a big interstellar dragon so enter Salamanders decal. The theme would then be Sigmar's nod to his Dragon pal so he named one of his legions after his buddy.

Also tried out a striated rock formation.  I think it turned out alright, but it's hard to see in the pics.  I don't know if I would ever do a full army of these guys, but overall the airbrushing on the armor and shield plus minimal additional details (after filing) means I could probably bang out a few of these guys pretty quickly!

Anyway - hope you enjoyed looking at our take on the Stormcast.  I know Rodge and Johnny have some models they received from GW - maybe they can add a blog post with a couple more versions of these guys.


Ant Master said...

Stunning, first time I have seen them painted up to actually look like fantasy figures

Unknown said...

I demand more information on that Kislevite conversion!

ashur said...
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lolocopter1231 said...

could you please post some more of jons models as you mention, would be appreciate it thanks

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