Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SkullBros Escalation -More Month 1 Updates-

Hey folks,

Let's keep this up. I've got Escalation League updates from more of the other SkullBros from Month 1!


Durty B: Well we've come to the end of the month and after several false starts I've landed squarely on Daemonkin: Khorne.
Since I already have a zillion points in Khorne models that are at 70% completion I figured it made sense to work on this new book. I can also use the models I was planning to use as Crimson Slaughter in this list. I found the rules and fluff for Daemonkin way cooler that the Slaughter stuff, so here we are. For the month of April I've completed 15 Bloodletters and 5 Flesh Hounds. The bases are not complete yet as I am still building those and I plan on painting a large set of them at once.

For the month of May, I'm adding Skulltaker and 16 more Bloodletters. I had a big hobby weekend and I got this new installment up to 95% done. With the extra time this month I'm going to get the bases painted and start early on 5 possessed and 16 cultists. This will round out my Slaughtercult formation.

After that's done. Maybe 2 Maulerfiends. Or 2 units of Raptors? I have a ton of shit to draw from so it's tough making decisions early. I'll just have to see how this plays out!

Roder: With the first month of the escalation campaign in the rearview, it's time to look back at what worked in my games played, and look forward to what I'll be working on for the next month and how I think the new additions to my list will work.

Overall, I went 2-0 in official games played, and picked up two more wins playing non-sanctioned games with the army. My current 250pt list has two units of six Fire Warriors both minimum-sized units. It also has a minimum-sized unit of 3 Stealth Suits, the leader carrying a fusion blaster and taking the target lock/markerlight upgrade. They also have a markerlight drone in the unit.

When I drew up the list, I initially had one large unit of 12 Fire Warriors. I'm glad that I split it into two units - the flexibility of additional units at these low-point-size games no doubt led me to victory. I find that with the Fire Warriors' rail rifles' 30-inch range I was able to drift towards the back of the board, shooting down marine units while keeping them from getting to fire at me, and forcing them to abandon cover and move towards my position. This saw me picking off one or two models a turn for three turns, until the Marines got themselves close enough for the rapid fire of the Fire Warriors to finish units off. Having two units would force my opponent to pick one to pursue, leaving the other to move up and provide supporting fire to the kiting unit of warriors that was falling back and firing.

My first game saw the Stealth Suits fusion blaster's high strength come into play as I was able to attack a large gun emplacement from range. My opponent didn't have any high strength ranged firepower, so he had to assault the gun and use the unit's melta bomb given to him by the scenario. Because the leader of the Suits had target lock, he was able to fire on the gun while the remaining suits got to pump 8 S5 shots into my opponent. That target-lock proved to be a very effective upgrade. And to think - I initially put it in the list to fatten things up while I paint lots of little dudes, with the intention of removing the upgrade as more (and more expensive) units come online in the coming months.

The second game I played had me across from an army comprised of one unit of 10 Chaos Marines played by Sammon. He just didn't have any tactical flexibility in his list design and I was able to feint up, drop back and pour fire into his unit without much fear of reprisal. 

I don't have high hopes for the Stealth Suits right now; I think that they're okay-enough, though they're taking up a slot that would probably be better-served by Crisis Suits or a Riptide. That said, I don't care. I like these little derps. They just bop around, blasting stuff and being sweet. They're small and cheap and with their fusion blaster I have options to bust tanks or buildings, depending on the mission. Going into Month 2, my plan is to expand them from 3 to 6, adding in a second fusion blaster and a second markerlight drone. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to play it as one big unit of six or two small units of three - more units is effective at this game size, but these bros are fairly fragile and their units could use some beefing-up for survivability (I haven't decided if they need to live, or just live long enough to fuck shit up before peacing-out). Long-term, I'm planning on bringing Commander Shadowsun into the army, and she will be leading all six Stealth Suits, but that won't be until roughly the one thousand point mark. For next month I'm looking at a different HQ selection to join my army: a Fire Cadre. He's a bit of a bore as he doesn't come with any exciting tech/weapons/upgrades, but he does have one dope rule: if a unit of Fire Warriors is within 6" of him, and that unit does not move in the movement phase they'll gain an additional shot. This means that at range, my Fire Warriors just doubled in offensive-effectiveness, and at short range they'll make any unit I encounter eat shit. Additionally, I'm going to bring a Devilfish transport into the list. It has a decent gun on it (4 s5 shots) and two gun drones that can detach and be super-annoying. I won't be able to get all 12 Fire Warriors and the HQ choice into the transport, so I'm not sure if I'll be putting in a unit of 6 plus my guy and driving across the field to an objective, or if I'm going to use it as another piece of offense (at this point-size it can be somewhat effective) or if I'm just going to park it and use it as cover for my Fire Warriors while the Stealth Suits move up and do dirt. Tactics son, I gots none.

Kevin: Escalation League Month 1: Lessons Learned

For my first month I had planned on painting up a fully kitted out 10 man squad of Grey Hunters. Plasma guns, powerfists, wolf claws and additional hand weapons. After being soundly beaten up in game after game I switched models.
Scheduled Game 1: Loss to Roder
Pick up games: Loss to Roder, loss to Sass, loss to my heart
Mid-month change of 250 points
Make-up Game 2: Win with Trunzo against Fenske and Broeska
Pick up game: Win with Trunzo against Fenske and Sambo.
5 Grey hunters with additional hand weapons, 5 Blood Claws stock, and 14 Fenrisian Wolves completed for month 1!!

I was able to get these all done and based by the last of the month, whew. I was able to get some games in with the list, and boy did it do better! The larger number of models and the speed of the Fenrisian Wolves really helped in the game. The Fenrisian Wolves were especially fun to use. I may add some decals to the shoulderpads if I find time this next month as well.

From a hobby perspective I tried two different ways to finish my Space Marine armour, using an airbrush (Grey Hunters) and using a brush and GWs paint guide (Blood Claws). I am leaning towards the brush models as my airbrush game is still pretty weak. When I add in a drop pod later on I will likely return to the airbrush, and will mess around with some terrain pieces in the meantime to practice techniques. I enjoyed painting the Marines themselves and had a lot of fun trying out different skin tones, and painting the little do dads and accessories.

For next month I’m going to be dialing back the number of models by adding in an HQ choice. Wolf Lord Baruk Hund rides to battle on his ferocious thunderwolf Hvit. I will be moving in early June to St. Paul (if all continues to go well) and so will be packing up all my hobby stuff. 

Sambo: So I was able to finish the paint on 10 bros for month 1 but I needed till now [like a week extra -mg] to finish. I'm really happy how they turned out so moving onto month 2. I plan to add 2 rhinos, 3 bikers and one hell brute. Need a couple vehicle in the mix to break up the bros and add some variety. I am having a blast with this league. I'm jazzed about the paint, playing world class bros and an excited to see all the other paint jobs and hobbying everyone else is doing. Here are some pics of my crap. Based are not done but I can pull that off with this months stuff. Enjoy

 That's it for this post--hope you enjoyed it. What am I saying? Of course you enjoyed it. 

I'll be sending out a second post today with updates from non-SkullBros in the League, so keep you eyes peeled for that! There's some really cool stuff being done by those guys!

Smell ya later!


Ryan said...

Broeska - Love the Bloodletter swords as well as their black extremities.

Roder - The Camo is legit and at 250 points that list sounds tasty!

Ruins - Interesting to hear you try two methods of paint in the same army - is it easy to spot on the table? Can't really make it out in the pictures. Fenrisian wolves are super-sweet!

Sambo - That gold is sick, the red in combination just looks amazing. Keep up the good work!

MG - thanks for the post and inspiring our IWFB group.

Unknown said...

Wow, was looking through them going
Broeska - sweet letters, like the fade to black on the limbs,
Roder - camo, seen it before but this looks good, great execution,
Bruins - the 90's want their space wolves back, but maybe I'm just not a fan of that powder blue look, gone to town on the basing though.
Sambo - Wow. Just Wow. That unit zings sweet red, sweet gold just all out lovely.

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