Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SkullBros Escalation Month 1 Updates (Or, why I stink)

So this is coming (way) late. Yep, I'm the worst. Deal with it.

Jean Ralphio came up 4th in a Google image search for "the worst"
I love Google.

On the flip side, get ready to have your eyes blown by a week (yes, literally a week) of sweet hobby pictures. I'll be doing the hobby updates from the last two months over the course of this week and then we'll be back on schedule. So really, you can thank me for your week of awesome.

For this one, we've got a few of the SkullBros and their updates:

Mikey G: Month 1 was tough, let me be honest. I vastly underestimated how much of a pain 40k models were to paint. Seriously, so many random bits here and there. Didn't help the amount of conversion/kit-bashing I did. I'm going to learn a lesson from that and keep the conversions minimal from here on out I think. 'Cause DAMN. That being said, I dig my conversions. They're subtle and give the Eldar a less alien-smooth feel and more of a sharp, pirate-y look. We'll see how they continue to pan out.

I also learned that painting yellow sucks. Seriously, I have no mojo with it yet. Gimme a red and I can do fine; yellow is brutal. Kev convinced me that I also needed a couple additional accent colors (green and orange being part of a triad with purple), so I'm trying to incorporate those into the models as well.

As for the original goal of airbrush and clean lines? Not much in those yet. I got to play a bit with clean-ish lines with some of the highest level of purple, but I didn't do as much as I should. And the airbrush has been a bust for anything not terrain. We'll see if I re-think my goals...

For Month 2, I'm looking at some Striking Scorpions and a War Walker. So far, no conversions planned. Just straight paint. Wish me luck!

Flando: For month one, I already had about 80% of the models done. 

I started with a completed unit of Chaos Cultists, “The Cult of Twisting Fate.” These Tzeentch worshing a-holes are a ragtag mob of hive dregs and Imperial castoffs lead by a particularly nasty gent who once served the Imperium of Man as a Officio Praefectus Commissar. I mean, where else can one get a coat that fancy?

The other models I had finished before this thing started were a gang of hive thugs working for a local corrupt mining guild. The Thugs of House Vargo come with a mishmash of crap weapons and all have a particularly 90’s biker/army surplus militia look to them. They are lead and accompanied by the 6 new models I painted for this month. In front, the Prophet of Thelzeen, a wicked mutant sorcerer who has wormed his way into the mining House and now has them twisted to his will and that of his master, Thelzeen, a Tzeentch daemon prince (he’s showing up much later). Mixed in with the unit are a handful of mining drones supplied to House Vargo by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Their programming has been subverted by the Alpha Legion Warpsmith Arkturian (who will be showing up next month) and now the turn their lascutter drills on whatever poor soul the House Vargo enforcers direct them to kill. 

For month two, I intend to add Warpsmith Arkturian (again, already painted), and paint up another 10 cultists to add to the Cult of Twisting Fate. 

Enjoy the pictures below!

Sam: Month 1 was super sweet for me, but was a bit weird because I was also getting ready for the darkstar. So one of my units got “overdone” (I only had 5 scions in my 250 list, but was taking a full unit to the tournament), and as a consequence my second unit wasn’t finished. So here’s all 10 of my Tempestus Scions, and my Taurox.

In games, that Taurox with his gatling cannon is already proving to be silly-sauce, although I expect that’ll tone down the larger the armies grow. 

Next month, I plan on getting the half-completed Vet squad painted up to go with these guys. I’ll be rounding out my 500 points with a Lord Commissar, although he’s already painted. 

E$: Ere' we go!

Well, I really pushed some knife and paint this month for the 40k hobby escalation. I made two new trucks, fitted brand new bases for 20 orks and gave them new skin, new Goff shoulder armour, and weapon touch ups. The end result came up a bit short with timing but I'm officially done as of Mothers Day :)

I'm really happy with the new 32mm bases which makes the boyz look right with their poses and size. I got play around with some new rust and dust on the trucks as well as using a better-brighter red (Evils Sunz Scarlet) to liven them up.

My new batch for May will fixing my reaming 30 boyz-  New bases, new skins, and new shoulder pads to continue the Goff theme. Getting the troops done first will make the overall journey easier plus- I really like painting the average ork boy. :)

That's it for today folks. Tomorrow I will have the rest of the SkullBros and maybe I'll break the rules and double-post the rest of the bros too. We'll see.

Smell ya later!


Jason Meyers said...

Mike those Eldar are looking great! Nice to see some pics. Keep up the good work!

Everyone else... I already gave you kudos before. :-) Great looking stuff all the same. The league going to be sporting some nice looking armies.

Ryan said...

Mike - Go Vikings! Thanks for finally getting a post up - this will be a popular 40k week as I got some stuff coming out too.

Everyone else (if you're on here) great to see the progress and excited to hear about how some of these games played out. KEEP TRUCKING and get to that 1K army boys.

Sebastian said...

Looking great guys; need to ask as I got lost in the archives and Bretonnian Orcs; what is the formula or guide for that toned down Ork skin recipe? Its spot on what I would like to do. Thanks!

Eric Hagen said...

Hi Tael - Thank you!

So here is the Ork skin recipe original- http://www.the-waaagh.com/forums/?showtopic=35857

I'm not a John Blanche fan at all, but his skin recipe was exactly what I wanted. I just didn't make it quite so green. Kind of a watered down Thraka wash.

The colours I use are:
Base - English Uniform
Highlight - Tallarn Sand
Highlight - Ushabti Bone
Light Highlight Edging - White highlights
Sepia wash - not too heavy
Watered Thraka Green wash

Hope this helps. :)

Sebastian said...

Thank you Eric! I admire the look especially for the muted Green. Really appreciate the help :)

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