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SkullBros Escalation League Introductions (Part 2)

Hey stinks,

For today, no hobby pics (your eyeballs need a break from the awesome). Instead, I've got the 2nd half of the introductions. This time I've got the Non-SkullBros/Chumps here to introduce themselves a bit and boy are they weird. You've gotten a sneak-peek at what they were up to for Month 1; now, meet the bastards themselves:


This is the best day of my life
I'm Adam Trunzo and I have been playing Warhammer Fantasy and 40k since 1996 but have recently been out of the hobby for a decade or so  before returning in the past few years.  I have several old 40k armies and have chosen to continue my work on DA ORKS!  Snakebite orks to be exact, which means boar boyz, weird boyz, and maybe a squiggoth (or two).  Some focal points for my hobby will be sculpting  snakes and feathers, creating manageable basing for hundreds of doods, and freehand tattoos.  The theme of this army is horde on a budget and I will be exploring lots of ways to get more dakka for your teef so to speak.  The army will be set in the old Armageddon campaign because it is clearly the coolest warzone around and this time Yarrick is going DOWN!

The face of a champion. Or
a small child.
Hi, I'm Zach Shelley and I'm addicted to miniature wargaming.

I've spent the better part of the last 7 years playing with the random, eclectic and sometimes exotic group of gamers who, appropriately and ironically, call themselves the Lords of War. I like the rest of these gentlemen, am based in the twin cities and correspondingly have access to some of the coolest cats ever to grace this side of the hobby. I am honored to be a part of this campaign and I look forward to being shot to pieces again, and again and again.

My father raised me on Avalon Hill (seriously, who the hell plays the first edition of Civilization to completion?) and so games have always been a major part of my life. I started playing Warhammer Fantasy with the 5th Ed Bret/Lizardmen Box and have never attained escape velocity. I have played A LOT of fantasy over the years but have not ever had a serious sortie into 40k. When I heard these bros were getting ready to throw down, I begged, pleaded, and traded no small amount of "personal" favors to get a spot on the roster.

Because I am entirely one dimensional, I'll be exploring Space Brets, who are also known as Blood Angels. I love the fluff around the Death Company and the silent and honor bound Vampire Monks of an inhospitable planet. What's not to love? My list will involve lots of jumpy things and my hobby plan is to create as much heraldry as possible, while still exploring the gritty, spacey themes I have never had the chance to experience.

I have a passion for terrain and basing and so will be basing these Angels of mine similar to several other armies I have been working on to speed along the creation process. I paint slowly and will be working on my color theory and metalics, my two points of greatest irritation/experience. My painting has been a consistent growth point for me over the years. I am hoping that being in such good company will allow some theft of technique. I need some of the masters tips to rub off. That's what she said.

I look forward to learning a lot, drinking a lot, and enjoying watching my assault troops drop like flies. See you in Baal!

Ever wish you could be a dog?
Top of the mornin' to ya Broskies!! The name is Steve Schreader (aka Scuba Steve) and Orkiness is all I do... most of the time anyway. While I’m not traveling the world, climbing mountains, or doing all sorts of outdoor stuff, WH40K is one of the games I am into full force. I started many years ago playing Flames of War and other assorted Historical Games, but I really enjoyed the look of the Games Workshop models and thought they would be a sweet way to increase my painting skills, beyond just the cool factor the models would have looked painted. Ever since that fateful day when I bought my first Emperors Champion Model for Black Templars, it all went downhill from there. Here I sit with three armies, One fully painted Chaos of Nurgle army, ready to rock and roll while the other, Orks and Templars/Grey Knights, sat on the proverbial sideline. That day has ended and now it’s time to get the Orks into the game.

I really liked the idea of the Evil Sunz speed freaks, since I love going fast myself, and so have built a significant force around the idea of lots of fast vehicles, bikes, trucks, and other assorted speedy things. Being a big fan of converting and making models unique as well as painting fantastic models, I also decided to go against buying lot of the games Workshop models, and do some crazy Orky stuff with other vehicles I could get my hands on. I'm also hoping to increase my detail work with brushes as well as at some point get an airbrush during this crazy league and try my hand at some basic techniques with airbrushing. It seems daunting, but all of you that have tried it say its pretty straightforward once you get the basics down. 

I’m starting this league with a unit of 19 Boyz with a Boss Nob and a Trukk, as well as a Warboss (BoneSnappa). BoneSnappa isn’t on a fast vehicle yet, but you can bet he will in the next phase of the league. More to come soon as the first month kicks into HIGH GEAR!!!!
 Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoy all of the shenanigans that will take place!!!!

Scuba Out
MN Wild fandom: Acceptable.
Hey guys,
I'm Jason Meyers and I've been playing 40k (and various other GW games) off and on since 1991.  Technically I've been wargaming since the mid '80s, but wasn't until my old college buddy Chris Foreman showed me a magazine called White Dwarf, told me stories of something known as the Horus Heresy, was painting Space Marines that weren't just Space Marines, they were "Ultra"marines, and had me rolling dice in a crazy game of Space Hulk.
When I moved back to Minnesota in 2001 after my time in the Army, most of my gaming friends/contacts tended to be into WHFB, so 40k took a back seat.  Lately I've been leaning more towards historicals and skirmish level gaming, but I've always had a spot for 40k since it really was my first "miniatures" wargame.  Along with getting my shit painted, the league presents me an opportunity to not only get back into 40k, but back into gaming again on a regular basis.  Having fun down at the shop and getting to know new and old gaming friends a little better.
Although I've previously owned/played Space Wolf/Marine and Eldar armies, I've always leaned toward just playing Imperial Guard.  At first for their tanks, but when seeing other players meltdown after loosing a single model or squad of their "elite" army, having an entire army of expendables does have its charm.  My army features old school metal miniatures of Mordian Iron Guard.  The biggest challenge with painting IG is knocking out all those infantry models.  So that what I'll try tackling first.  After that, the vehicles will be gravy, finishing up with some sweet fliers and super heavies.
After the infantry are done, vehicle points add up rather quickly which should lighten my painting load in the months down the road.  Along with other projects, that's when I hope start working a bunch of desert/40k terrain that I'll be able to bring down to the shop as well.  I have my own hobby/gaming blog (Der Feldmarschall), so you can find out more than you ever wanted to know about the hobby ins and outs of my army and other stuff.  I just put up a new post today covering (re)starting my IG, my first league battle with Nick, and even a mini-story at the end.
Thanks guys and thank you Mike for putting this together!

Hey! What's that shiny thing??
Nick Fenske here, more than happy to join this action! 
Got my first taste of table top gaming about 17 yrs ago. One of my co workers kept digging out his Space Wolves after we'd go back to his place after the bars. At first I wasn't impressed, but the dude persisted.
Initially, start up cost was prohibitive so I dipped my toes into Blood Bowl with the Undead. Thousands of dollars and at least 3, maybe 4 missed sexual opportunities later, here I am!
My first 40k experience was with the Death Guard in 3rd edition, I later collected Tau, Tyranids, DE and expanded my Chaos force to 4000ish pts. As a child I collected G.I. Joe and other action figures, so collecting armies of small plastic doods was right up my alley. Ive played and collected WHFB over the years, as well as WM/Hordes and other mini games.

Somewhere toward the end of 5th ed. 40k I got back into Fantasy again, deep! Been really focusing on the last 5 years or so. I sold every single WM/H 40k model I owned save a few Chaos Marines and some old school DE.
This 40k Escalator was the perfect thing to get me back into 40k. I literally dug through my storage and started spitballing ideas. Trying to do this on a budget, I looked at my single box of Pink Horrors, box of Daemonettes, Burning Chariot (all purchased some time ago and collecting dust in the corner), along with a few Marines scattered amongst the rubble in my storage totes and the idea for Word Bearers was born!

My plan is to utilize as much stuff I have stashed in the hobby room to bring together a fluffy, fun, and thematic force to life. I've already conquered my biggest obstacle in drawing out how my force will expand at each pts level. In the past whenever beginning a new army project, I've just picked up models at alarming rates and had a giant collection of which to pick from. So my wallet (and my fiancee') will be grateful for that!

My Word Bearers will be themed heavily. I aim to provide a narrative to each of my games, hopefully leading accurately to the force additions as the league presses on. My specific force will be trusted with the infiltration of Imperial Librariums and outposts, spreading the truth and burning bound and printed lies of the past to ashes. Sowing seeds of doubt and heresy in the minds of the weak, we hope to rewrite history by erasing the past and forging the one, true church. The Church of the Pantheon, worshipping Chaos as a whole.

These Pantheon Crusaders will be based on the new 32mm bases. Like Bruins said, they just lend themselves to some good basing action! They will be based to represent them walking through the ashen remains of Temples and Librariums the like, bits of promethium soaked rubble surrendering there last bit of energy to the consuming flame.

My goals hobby wise are to create an army that matches my story and narrative aesthetically, paying homage to the traditional colors of the Word Bearers, while integrating some ideas of my own. Im excited to paint some marines. The pallet they offer differs quite a bit from the fantasy range. I'd like to think my painting skills have improved greatly since my last run at 40k, so I'll be working those line highlights for sure, trying to further my blending skills on the various robes and Daemon models, and maybe taking a crack at some OSL technique on the bases.

I certainly look forward to the hobby aspect of this league as I love structured deadlines. More importantly I'm super pumped to relearn a new game system with some Awesome Bros! 
See ya Around,
Yeah, I could do a sweet
man bun.
Hello everyone!

I'm Andrew, and apparently I like waiting until the last possible moment to finish hobby assignments.

I've been playing miniatures games on and off for most of my life starting with Blood Bowl in the late 80s, then Space Hulk, followed by a long hiatus of painting (but not playing) Warhammer Fantasy and Mordheim then a few intense years of Warmachine. I haven't played a lot of 40K, but I've always wanted to get into it, so I figured an escalation league was a good way to start.

I'm playing Salamanders since I have a lot of unpainted Space Marines lying around, and I like to paint my models green.

I'm looking forward to playing (and likely losing to) you all over the next few months.

See you on the battlefield!


That's all for today! Now you know everyone in the league. You've probably seen our Month 1 stuff. You're on the edge of your seat, breath held, praying to get a another glimpse. You reach over and grab the lotio...

Wait, wha? That got weird. 

Rest your eyes up and get ready for the weekend; I'll have Month 2 stuff for y'all and it's pretty god-damn glorious. 

Until then: Smell ya later.


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