Friday, June 19, 2015

Shadowed Angels - Tactical Squad and Deathwing Squad

The Shadowed Angels

"The light that was shadowed then
Was seen to be our chapter,
Everything about us that might wish to be examined,
Then put away for a certain length of time, until
The whole is to be reviewed, and determined to be 
Pure once again."

I decided to create a Successor Chapter of the Dark Angels when the Dark Vengeance set came out and I dove into 40k.  Most of what I have posted on this website before has been Eldar but I actually started with Dark Angels.  The formation of the Chapter is the same as the normal Dark Angels with a 1st Company - ShadowWing (Deathwing) and a 2nd Company - AshenWing (Ravenwing) that are different from the Codex Astartes.  The rest of my army is the 5th Company denoted by the 4 corner insignia on the marines.

Shadowed Angels - 3rd-10th Companies

Above you can see the design for the normal power armor.  Below you can see what I am planning for my AshenWing.  Their bikes will either be gray or black and I am leaning towards gray to ensure they stand out compared to the actual Ravenwing.
AshenWing - 2nd Company

ShadowWing - 1st company Gray TDA

I really enjoyed diving into the history and fluff of these guys and have read every BL novel that they have put out regarding the Dark Angels other than the few digital versions of specific characters like Azrael and Sammael.  The background really helped to draw me into this army as they hunt the fallen and call themselves the unforgiven.  It's SUPER easy to add some fluff to any game I play given that any world could be harboring one of the Fallen!

 3rd Tactical Squad 5th Company

 Veteran Sergeant Naaman
Brother Jophiel

 Brother Bethor - Plasma Cannon

 Brothers Malachai and Lexius - PlasmaGun

This unit is straight from Dark Vengeance.  I have decided that I don't want anyone in my army (except hooded veterans) to be without their Helmets so soon I will be removing Sergeant Naaman's head and replacing it with a Veteran hooded head.

ShadowWing Terminator Squad
 ShadowWing Sergeant Logos

I have really enjoyed playing with this army and I am excited to get back into it now that I have a brand new airbrush to take to the tanks, dreadnought, and as you will see in my next post a Librarian.  I am especially excited with the new book and models coming out.  That Interrogator-Chaplain!!

I noticed when taking these pictures that I forgot to paint scripture on the purity seals so as of now this has been done and finished.


SpaceCowboy said...

Awesome work and really nice colour scheme! Inspiring

Eric Hagen said...

Nice work Ryan. Normally green and red don't work to well together but I like what you've done with them. Good Show.

Next time you're in Minneapolis my Boyz would like to meet them...

Nabroleon said...

That shit looks lovely bud. I'm really diggin' the colors!

Ryan said...

Thanks guys!

Hagen - You're on! Northstar??

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