Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shadowed Angels - Librarian

Caiyne the Redeemer

Epistolary of the Shadowed Angels a successor chapter of the Dark Angels

Don't mind the background - just playing around with Diptic

You have all seen the posts by Mike about their Escalation league in Minneapolis.  Well I loved the idea so much and was tired of waiting around for 9th edition I decided to start something similar up in Chicago-land.  First - you can check out the league and the details (and other's stuff) here: http://iwfb.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=40  It's early yet as we are just starting this June, but check back and there should be more.

We are starting the games in July with 500 points so I vowed 250 for June to combine with the Tactical squad I already have finished.  The first part of that was a Mastery Level 2 Libarian of my Shadowed Angels.  This guy is from Dark Vengeance and has seen roughly 5-6 games of 40k in his cloak of darkness (black spray paint).  I decided now was the time to change that.

Here he is joining Sergeant Naaman and the 3rd tactical squad of the 5th Company

I wanted to test airbrushing power armor for this guy so I started with a Kantor Blue basecoat over black primer and then used Lothern Blue to highlight (both out of the airbrush).  It worked ok, but following this I purchased a new airbrush as....well it sucks and I was due.  Overall I think it worked out fine and I went back and edge highlighted twice.  I would like to utilize this technique on all the dark angels but then they wouldn't match my first unit so I might reserve it for characters and tanks.

I hadn't painted anything since Adepticon so it felt really good to finish a model.  It was also fun to focus on one character model as I could see progress being made and finished him quickly which has helped keep me motivated.

I'm not sold on the runes of his power sword.  I went with the bronze look, but feel like it could use to be a bit brighter...would love some comments below.

Also considering trying a freehand design on his gray cloak.  Any thoughts on what is should/could be?  Was thinking of going with some sort of wing symbol, but maybe there is a librarius symbol I could go with instead...

Last change will likely be hitting his outstretched hand up with a dark to light red as if he is beginning to manifest a power. Will be doing this shortly as the new airbrush has arrived.

Next up is a Venerable Dreadnought!


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