Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 127

Here is a look at that Infinity Father Knight I was chatting about on the latest Point Hammered.

This is actually my least favorite model from the Icestorm set I picked up. (If I digged space knights with future past swords I'd be playing 40k already!) This was my first Infinity model so I could test some colors out.

I like to do something new on each project. On this one, I thought I'd try for a gold NMMish look. I'd done gray NMM plenty on my demons but avoided gold deliberately since I didn't want to bog down my painting with something new. The colors I used are below:

The Yriel yellow pushes the gold more towards a yellow, obviously. For a more realistic gold, I think I'd omit it entirely. For the highly fantastical color scheme of Infinity models, it seemed appropriate to me and I decided to keep going with it. I'm fine with yellow PanOs.

The sword was a bit tricky with the large flat area between the blades saying 'deo vindice'. That prevented the tried and true inverse shading split down the middle usually seen on NMM blades. I tried a few different things but wasn't super happy with anything. Perusing a google image search of this model, I don't think anyone has nailed the painting of it. (Even on the official model!) I decided on just a flat black in the end to contrast with the blade edges and rest of the model in general.

After laying down the armor colors, I actually went back with some dry metallic pigments and glazed bright gold over the highlights and a dark copper over the shaded areas. I used a very low pigment load and it helps with the blends. Too much pigment can wipe out chromatic shading completely. The metallic sheen is not evident in photos but very clear when handling the figure in person.

I'm calling this guy done for now as I want to get some scenic round bases. I've never used them and this seems like a nice project that doesn't need too many. If you have a suggestion on where to get some, post below.


The Responsible One said...

I'm using the ones from Antenociti's Workshop.

Unknown said...

I've been out of the hobby for a while, and seeing this makes me want to get back to war gaming, while at the same time makes me cringe at my own models. I know practice is the only way to get good, but damn that's some sexy work!!

As far as bases, not sure about postage to the states, but here in Australia, Back 2 Base-ix is one of the more popular places.

Rogers said...

Thanks guys! I got some bases on the way!

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