Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Last of the Month 1 Updates

Hey y'all,

Glad we could do this a 2nd time today. Usually you pay double for that kind of action.

On to the non-SkullBros. These boys have spent some time dealing with us and we're pretty big assholes, so they must be cool. Let's see what they've been up to...

Nick: Gotta say the first toe dip into this Escalation was a blast! The games I played were varied as folks can bring a lot of different stuff to the table at the 250pt level. I was lucky enough to squeeze in a lot of side action as well at the club in between assembly, painting, and the scheduled games which at the 250pt level went pretty quick. A veritable buffet of Bro love.

Overall I was happy with my force and how it performed. For my first month I just wanted to paint some Marines and a Helbrute. I completed my goal with little setbacks! That's a brow wiper for sure. As for games, there were some match ups that were tough. The 2v2 games were fun, I literally heard the Benny Hill song in my head the whole game when Sammon and I faced off against Roder's Tau and Nabrolean's Eldar. We lucked out a few times due to scenario rules where allies too close in proximity failed ld tests and couldn't do shit (sweet rule bro!). That saved us a few turns of concentrated salvos on our Chaos Marines, but ultimately we fell victim to superior range and firepower.

The Helbrute has definitely been the wild card so far. Between countless misses with his multi melta,  rolls of 1 to wound, or rolls of 3-4 on 2d6 for armor pen, I figure that arm is definitely in line for a rewire. What else? Oh yeah! Rolling snake eyes on a charge where he was only 3" away from some Dire Avengers left my Word Bearer Marines hanging in the midst of a shitstorm. He was rendered to slag once charging a unit of Guardsmen who snuck in a lucky melta shot, but the ensuing explosion took half their number with him. With only 2 attacks, he has definitely seen his fair share of slap fights that go on for infinite rounds of combat. Did I mention already his love for rolling 1's to wound? This trend has not escaped the combat phase.
Fairly certain he's died in every game, but not before providing myself, or my opponents a good chuckle or two.

So... how to expand my force for the next month? My Doods are Word Bearers who would like nothing more than to see the world burn, or tomes, or people, really anything that can burn should! With a seemingly low model count in my force as it is, Ive decided I need more boots on the ground. It allows for little more tactical flexibilty for snatching objectives or simply diversified front.

A unit of Raptors equipped with flamers should do the trick. I really dig the models and have always loved the element of speed in any game I play, so they'll be jump packing around and hopefully laying down some hot flame action on some unsuspecting schmucks. Their Vox casters set to high and blaring garbled Daemonic uttering will hopefully strike fear into my enemies.

Again, I want more boots on the ground, so I kept the Raptor squad economical. Playing Word Bearers, who make pacts with the Demons of the Warp, I figured this was a good time to bust out a unit of Daemonettes. They're pretty fast and hopefully can add some close combat punch, and I've always wanted to paint some of these nasty bitches. I plan to fiddle around with keeping their skin tones fleshy and maintain a cohesive scheme with the rest of my force.

 You can see pics on my twitter or G+ (They're sweet!)

That's it for now, see you punks around!

Trunzo: For the first month I decided to form a solid core of troops with a little bit of anti-tank just in case.  I am also constrained by the models I have available as I am basically throwing together the last 25% or so of my ork army for this league.  I started off with 12 slugga boyz with a power claw nob who will be the warlord...for now...followed by 10 shoota boyz (or for those old beards, huntas, since I am doing a Snakebite clan theme) and finally 5 tankbustas.  This gives me a lot of bodies, good board control, and lots of tools to handle different threats.  

Now on to the modelling.  The slugga boyz are mostly stock slugga boyz or orc fantasy boyz with some savage orc bits mixed in.  The huntas are actually old plastic goff orcs from the whatever edition starter set with the heads and arms lopped off and replaced with proppa boyz ones.  This make them a bit shorter and weedier but the difference can only really be seen from behind and these are supposed to be the runty orks that are sent out to hunt instead of fight.  Also, this saves a ton of money if you have these guys laying around in any number since the plastic boyz come with shoota arms and slugga arms and plenty of spare heads.  Finally, the tankbustas also sport some money saving conversions by using shootas with old school hunter killer missiles attached from the old imperial vehicle sprue.  Quick, easy, cheap, and still have a nice effect when there are 200+ boyz on the table.

The pieces are together, now for the color.  I opted for a more striking green than seems currently popular but I intend my army to be an homage to the classic ork look and will be featuring some beautiful classic models as the league progresses.  For clothes, armor, and weapons I went with basic toned down neutrals and then added brightness through the tattoos, feathers, bases.  The tatoos are just random glyphs from the ork codex along with some full arm snake tattoos for the Snakebite theme. I am not sure about the nobz boss bole banner, we'll see if it sticks around.  

The bases are the standard cork (yeah, i know, boo, hiss.  Look I got 300 more orks that need bases and im on a budget here) then put a few heavy paint coats on top to remove the 'cork look' and went on to lighten up the edges to look like dried up desert.  I added a few metal bits for variation but the most striking portion is the mushrooms.  These are just little green stuff cones that I rolled out and put on toothpicks.  Again, simple, quick, and effective is the theme for these orks.  Finally I sculpted a bunch of feathers out of green stuff and put them on various parts of the boyz to give them a more tradishinul look.  The feathers are a bit large for my liking so next time around I will be toning them down and possibly replacing these.  Thats all for now, see you in May!

Zach: Let me start by saying that I have really, really enjoyed the games over the past few weeks. I've had three games: Sam Stewart and I got lucky against Dirty B and King Salmon. A few weeks later Hagen and Grothe threw Salmon and I a beatdown with their Orcs and Dark Eldar. I followed that game with Hagen's Orcs Waaaghing all over our table. Let me tell you about my captain's inability to roll a single 4+ out of 9 chances to wound. What a baller! I enjoy the system, and its no surprise the guys have been great teammates and opponents. Man. Love.

The paint has been a point of frustration. I way under-estimated the amount of time it takes to paint a marine. So many details are intrinsic to the feel of the model. The tone is set with the cleanliness. My first 250 points was 10 Tactical Marines and a captain. I've gotten some solid feedback and will be touching up both my reds and my golds, but I am happy with the progress thus far. It has been a serious learning experience.

I'm happy with my blues, but need the rest of the paint to pop in the same way. This is going to take some doing. In the mean time, I'll experiment while I finish my next set of 11 models.

I've left some of the power armor "bare". I am hoping that this army will double as a Sons of Sanguinus army for further adventures in a Horus Heresy setting. My basing is done for the entire army, barring a few detail additions: leaves, a final layer of snow and some additional foliage.

My next 250 will be another captain/sanguinary priest, 5 more tactical marines and 5 death company. I love the Brettonian Ward saves....I mean, feel no pain. I want to get these knocked out right away so I can spend more time on a Furioso Dreadnaught and Sanguinary guard in the coming months. The foundation of my army will be set right away and I can take my time and enjoy the more robust units that are currently WIP. I've included a few pictures of the upcoming goodies: A captain/sanuinary priest with angel wings (jump pack) and the two five packs. I have a couple drop pods, a dread and a stormraven in the wings for the next couple of months.

I am getting some great feedback on my techniques and I have enjoyed the challenge that is this group of painting juggernauts.

A big thanks goes out once again to Mikey G for making this thing happen and keeping this mangy lot on task and organized.

Back to the painting table!

Stephen: So I am getting close to finishing the first 250, the boyz are almost done with a few minor touch ups they be ready and the Warboss is looking pretty sweet. The next set of boys, Trukk and Warbikers are also getting close, mainly just highlighting and they'll be ready to crunch some bones under Trukk tires and Warbike tires very soon. 

Now Iv'e long and hard about where I want to go from here. The bulk of the troops are done and now its adding the other stuff. I am considering upgrading my warboss with a bike and kit bashing/converting a model based on the Wazdakka Gutsmek idea, as well as adding more bikers and possibly a defkopta or two. or still go with the warboss conversion and add a unit of nobs to bolster the infantry. The Nobz won't take as long as they are base coated already, but I want a big vehicle for them, which would mean a big paint job as well. June holds more promise for time, but i might focus on the easy time-related stuff since July is Wide open for me. 

I'm hoping to work on more highlighting techniques in June as well as more conversion Ideas.

Enjoy the Photos below, as I have not delivered any to you guys yet.

Scuba Out!!!!

Andrew: I started off the league with my command squad.  A Space Marine Captain with a combi-melta and relic blade accompanied by his cadre of veterans including a standard bearer, Apothecary and Company Champion.

A little over a year ago, I joined a different 40K escalation league. I'd always wanted to get into 40K, and have an excuse to paint up a sizable force, so I figured it was as good an opportunity as any. I have a bunch of Space Marines and Dark Eldar models laying around in various states of completion, but I decided to go with Space Marines because they seemed the most forgiving rules-wise. Good armor saves, high damage output--a beefy crutch to lean on as I learned how to play the game. I also thought they'd let me field fewer models because of their generally high point cost. Less models, to me, meant that I'd have a better chance of being able to make the time to paint them, and get my 250 points per month done on time. The league petered out after a few weeks. I started painting this Command Squad February of 2014. Fourteen months later, I've finished them.

I foolishly believed that Space Marines would be easy to paint. In the past, I'd been able to rely upon a lot of shortcuts (washes, dry brushing) to paint models relatively quickly, but I didn't feel like I could go that route with these models. I found a  guide to painting Salamanders that I liked (, and followed it nearly step for step. I suppose I didn't find the process terribly difficult, it was just very time consuming. Each model took me around eight hours to complete.

The base coat took awhile. The Warpstone Glow took two to three-ish coats to get the coverage I wanted. If I had an airbrush, and/or knew how to use one with any skill, I probably could have saved an hour or so per model. The other time consuming aspect was painting the highlights. Lots of thin edging with a small brush and cleaning mistakes after my line would waver.

Where I really stalled out was when I came time to paint the shoulder pad emblems. These guys were done -- save for the shoulder pads -- for a long, long time. I couldn't bring myself to do it. Whenever I thought about it, it sounded like drudgery.

I decided early on, after trying to adhere a Salamanders decal to disastrous effect, that I wanted to simplify and modernize the Salamanders emblem. I did a test on an unpainted shoulder pad and was able to create an emblem that I liked using four brush strokes for the main shape followed by a fifth that created the eye. I should have just painted all of the shoulder pads right then and there, but I didn't. Time passed, and when I went back to paint the emblem on my marines a couple of weeks ago, I had forgotten, exactly, how I'd done it.

I spent some time practicing on a guitar pick, but none of them looked quite right, so I said "Fuck it. I'll just paint and hope for the best." Six shoulder pad emblems. All with minor variances. None completed in five brush strokes. All done.

Overall, I think they're pretty cool. I had fun, which, as always, is the important thing.

Next month, I'll be finishing part of a Tac Squad (also started last year) and a Dreadnought (which I've been painting the last couple of weekends) to bring me up to 500 points.

Jason: (As always, current updates can be first seen on my Twitter account @DerFeldmarschal and eventually (later this week hopefully) my blog )

Been making some good progress on my Mordian Imperial Guard. The Turn 1 HQ and Infantry squads are still lagging, but like vintage wine they like to take their own sweet time. ;-)  I've had to deal with eye allergies (I'm lame) that give me blurriness and double vision half the time during prime hobby time.  So I've plowed ahead with the vehicles for Turn 2 & 3 (Who needs to see when you're drybrushing).
Turn 1 IG HQ and 2 Veteran Squads (HQ and 2 Troops)

Lot of little conversions to add some variety to the metal minis.  Extra base work coming (see Sentinels).  And everyone's getting backpacks!!  Hoping to make some more progress on these boys later today!

(Don't worry--I've gotta do some intros for these fucks too. That's likely coming tomorrow. You got a sneak peek here).  
Well, that's it for month 1 updates. I'll be rocking out Month 2 updates likely throughout the weekend. 

Smell ya later!


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