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Thick Skin For the WIN - Nurgle Warriors

I had/have been dreaming about building a Nurgle Warriors army since the time my friend Kent painted up some Nurgle Warriors.  I say both had and have because I still dream about having a Nurgle warriors of chaos army as the one I have built isn't quite a full army yet.  I played 3 practice games with proxied models against him and some friends back in the day but just never got around to it...
Well the project began the week after Waaaghpaca 2015 in preparation for Adepticon Team Tournament.  I had originally shelved the idea when the new Warriors book came out because it became the new hotness.  Nurgle was/is the reigning god in terms of power with the release of the new rules and I didn't want to be just another jumping on the gravy train (no offense to anyone who did this; Nurgle is sweet).

Well another dream I had was to build/paint an army specifically designed for the Team Tourney (with plans to expand) complete with Theme and Fluff to back up the models.

Say hello to "Thick Skin for the WIN"
Boars have a rule called Thick Skin - and the new boars from GW are sweet BOOM theme

So my part in the theme was finally starting my Nurgle Warriors.  They would take quite a bit of conversion.  In fact I converted every model in the army to some level, some more than others.  So this will likely be a two part post.  It may also be a little backwards as I'm going to go over the tournament first.  Then in my second post I'll go through the models/units and the conversions/painting.


Damn we look good in our sick shirts (Thanks Michael)

#ThickSkinFTW in all its GLORY!
FYI - to see more of this search the hashtag above on Twitter

My list:
*Boars equal Barded Steeds or Steeds for Marauders
Exalted Hero (General): Boar, Shield, Nurgle, Dawnstone, Sword of Might
Exalted Hero (BSB): Boar, GW, DragonHelm, Ironcurse Icon, Talisman of Endurance

5 Marauder Boarmen - Spears, Shields, Musician, STD
5 Marauder Boarmen - Spears, Shields, Musician, STD
5 Warwolves

7 Knights - Nurgle, Ensorcelled WP, Banner of Swiftness, Musician

Orc List:
Savage Orc Great Shaman: Boar, Level 4, Lucky Shrunken Head, Bashas Axe
Savage Orc Big Boss: Boar, Crown of Command, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade

10 Goblin Boar Riders - Spears, Shield, Full Command
10 Goblin Boar Riders - Shortbows, Full Command

5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz - Big'Uns, Shield, Spear, Musician, Banner of Discipline

1 Mangler Boar

Game 1 vs Wood Elves and Bretonnians.

I can't remember where these guys were from (NY I think) but one of them had a growler so he was my best friend.  Unfortunately neither of them had their armies painted, the Wood Elves weren't even primed in some cases.  Domus caused a stink about this on the Twitter.  Overall this was a super fun, close game that ended in a win for our opponents.  We made a really smart play early that could have given us the game (IMO), utilizing the mangler as a deterrent to charge in front of the Nurgle knights.  You can see this in the picture at the bottom of turn 1.
 Preparing to counter charge or see his knights wiped out by the Manglaboar

Unfortunately as it turns out Nurgle hates me since I played Khorne for so long.  Michael rolled a 3 on the winds of magic (which normally wouldn't do shit) but he convinced me that we should play Legions of Chaos despite my arguments against such since I played all warriors.  He explained to me how good the chart was and that it wouldn't hurt us.  Well I proceeded to fail my re-rollable test on the BSB and the Chaos gods punished him by utterly destroying him.  What this meant was that when the Mangler was eventually shot down on the top of turn 2 I had to take a panic and proceeded to fail it and not rally.  I did finally rally but by that point I was so far away that I couldn't impact the game.  The boars laid some serious wood down on a unit on the charge, but the unit held and was eventually ground out.

 See last remaining Boar Boy - the BSB fighting the Brets and the Glade Riders with waning support from Marauder Boarman and some Goblin Boar Riders.

Not much else to say about this game except the fact that my general eventually turned into a Demon Prince but was unable to kill any of the Bretonnian was a little embarrassing.

Game 2 vs Empire and Lizardmen

The empire list was pretty much a cannon and a big block of knights.  The lizardmen had a Stegadon...hmmm can't remember much else in it tbh.


Die I was given

I spent some time in KC and got to know several of these guys as well as go to a tourney or two with them.  Unfortunately I never met these two guys during my stay there, but I wish I had.

Me and a flying monkey.  I thought we were going to cheers here but he flashed a gang sign.

This game was cagey early with us trying to drop the Foot of Gork on him while he tried to cannon off shit.  Again we set up a huge trap for the big knight block ready to flank with the Nurgle Knight unit and hit the front with the Orcs...unfortunately Michael told me a unit of 10 Goblin Boar riders could hold to a stegadon charge.  Well it turns out they can't.  In fact it killed 9/10 of them!!  Of course I failed a re-rollable panic check again and boogied.  Which opened up the Empire to get more aggressive.  In the end we were able to win this game as the Nurgle Knights came back to seal the deal, but man was it dicey.

Game 3  vs Undead and....shit can't remember obviously should have done this 2 months ago

This game we played Kevin Fleming who was rocking the lore of undeath.  This game was lopsided magic dice and it cost us big.  He was able to raise road blocks and keep us off their points while they picked off some of our more easy targets (read: everything but the nurgle knights).  I had a great game once again, but it was a rough end to a pretty rough day for the Boars of the ThickSKIN.

In the end it was definitely Thick Skin for the LOSS but at the team tournament, winning isn't everything and it felt really good to have a thematic solid looking army on the table in each round.  I think we have plans to rock the Thick Skin again in 2016.  I'll have the army detailed up and finished and maybe we'll both be a little better with our armies.  First order of business...take the standard of Discipline from the SO Boar Boyz!

Thanks to all of our opponents and thanks to Michael and this tourney for keeping me excited about WH for the months following Waaaghpaca.  I had a lot of fun working on the army and a ton of fun playing it.  I definitely did stop working on it though waiting for 9th edition to let me know what to do next.


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