Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Orc of the Realm #6 - The Standard Bearer

I've finally been able to get some decent pics of the latest finished Orctonnian OotR.
I went with a muted skin tone, and bright heraldry.

For exact colors used, see the following links:
Blues & Reds

Orc Skin Tones

Boar Skin Tones

You'll notice I added some flowers to the base. I went back and did that to all of the other fellas as well. I picked up a bunch of Silfour red, yellow, and purple flowers. They're pretty great! 

That's it for now. The next guy is getting close to being done. I'll post pics when he's ready.


Matt Jayjack said...

The Orctonnians are definitely my favorite of all the stuff you've done. Keep at it!

Rhuell said...

Can't wait to see this army (or at least this unit) on the table for 10th Edition

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