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Nurgle rides to war....on BOARS

Porcine Putrefactors of Nurgle 

As promised this will be the post going through each unit in more detail, some of the conversions and paint.  Overall this was a really fun project to work on up until I got to the paint side.  Converting up Nurgle had to be one of the most fun things I've worked on and the new boars from GW (well not really that new anymore) are amazing.  I really wish the Boar Boyz were better in the game so we saw them on the table more.  I was excited to paint until the deadlines started getting too close.  Next thing I knew I had only 5 days to paint the entire army for Adepticon.  That is why it wasn't as much fun, because my fingers were bleeding by the end and I was sleep deprived!

First I had to build a list for the team tournament and wanted to include as much cavalry as I could.  In order to hit 250 in core I had to add a unit of Dogs.  So rather than use the warhounds from GW which I used for my Flesh Hounds, I chose to nurglify some Fenrisian wolves.

 This pic just shows how after building them I wanted to see how they would fit in a line since the models are so dynamic and are build to go on round bases.  I don't have a great picture of how I converted them.  All I really did was roll up several balls of green stuff.  I tried not to make them perfectly spherical and leave some lumps.  Once they dried I cut them in half or third depending on what size I needed.  These were used as growths/pustules.  Wherever I chose to add them I shaved off the fur there and then rebuilt it back up around the growths. (This is the same process I did for the boars).

In this pic you can see how I set down their base coats.  I first primed them in my Gray primer.  Then I brought out the airbrush and flipped them upside down hitting the underside and legs with white.  Then the same with black but from the top.  It left them with a nice white to black gradation that was fairly simple to highlight up and helped me get these guys painted quickly!

Here are the finished pics.  Note the pustules on their shoulders and hindquarters.

Next up I had two units of Marauder Boarmen that needed to be converted and painted.  These I began with the boars from the Savage orc set. (Note: The regular boar boyz set has the arms of the orcs grabbing the mane of the boar so when I went to convert there was a big gap in the mane. Use the boars from the SO Boar Boyz!!).  The riders themselves took very little converting.  I mainly used drills to add holes and pock marks to their armor/helmets/shields.  I then rolled out a ball of green stuff and flattened it before adding super glue and laying across the back of the boar.  This created the saddle which I then pressed the horsemen into and allowed the green stuff to set.  Once glued and set I was able to pull the riders off for paint preparation.

You can see the saddles and the fur I had to sculpt to cover the spots where the orcs legs sit.

I included this picture to show that for some models as they leaned forwards a gap would form between them and the saddle.  I solved this by sculpting additional leather or by adding fur cloaks.

For the boars I again went to the airbrush.  First I primed the models in varying colors of browns and black.  Only the best get the silver back boars though so most were brown.  You can see in the pictures above my method of batch painting the boars.  I used black from the airbrush for the ridge on the dark brown boars and a really dark brown in the airbrush for the light brown boars.  Light gray/white for the silver back boars.

To add detail to the fur I washed the boars with earthshade to bring out the detail before quickly painting the tusks, hooves and eyes.  Again, was on a time crunch so speed painting was the key here.  You will notice in the finished pics below that I did make time to add some freehand.  The first on the gray background is the logo we used on our shirts and dice for the team tournament.  I did do a little conversion using a piece from the Orghotts Daemonspew kit and the Bloodletter banner.  The second is just a cool nurgle symbol.  

Finally I needed a unit of 9 knights, 2 of which were characters.  These were a little more difficult to get ranked up and to convert the saddles for.  In the first picture you can see that when riding the boars the legs ended up a little wide.  Thus I had to plan out the unit well in advance to make sure they would fit in a line.

Saddles were done exactly as the Marauders, but once the legs were on I had to go back and fill in the back with greenstuff since the legs didn't fully come together in the middle.  This was easy and primarily just meant extending the raised portion of the saddle that is the back of the chaos knight legs.
Here you can see the first character (middle) and the command models ranking up

The regular knights were all made using the normal knight bodies.  I did some minor conversions on the heads and some of the weapon arms.  I had made 5 blight kings and a lot of the extra parts went into these knights.  Where they weren't parts from the blight kings I used my drill and knife to hack them up to make their armor look dented/worn/rusted out.

BSB conversion

The BSB and Exalted Hero General utilized the head and body of  Blight Kings.  This was a much more extensive conversion as if anyone has built the blight kings the bodies are 2 parts and the backs are usually attached to the legs.  So in each conversion I was just working with the front of the body and had to sculpt the back from scratch.

 Banner from Marauder banner plus a shield from Blight Kings and the banner pole from the blight kings.

The BSB's Boar had a nice helm himself which was built using greenstuff and the axe head from the blight king kit.  You can see in the picture below that he also received the pox treatment. 

 Painting WIP of the Knights and Characters

Full Army Shot

Basing and Movement Trays:
The basing was done very similarly to posts I have done in the past.  They were built up using apoxie sculpt and then I used my fingers and a sculpting tool to create recesses.  After that I added the ballast to all the areas not recessed.  Once I finished painting them including painting the recesses a dark green color I added two part resin to the holes as liquid.  The presence of nurgle bringing filth and decay to the surface.

The movement trays were built using bass wood base with 1/2" bass wood edges.  These were then given metal inserts for my magnets to adhere to.  I also drilled out holes in the bottom and dropped in magnets to help with travel. (This is taken right from Johnny's movement tray post with a few adjustments - THANKS!).

Moving Forward:
The army is definitely table top quality and not my best work, but pretty solid for 5 days.  Once 9th is released I plan on going back and finishing the details on these guys and bringing them up to my normal standard (or better) and fleshing out the army.  Initially I would like to keep the mounted theme going so have plans to add some Boar Chariots to the core and a daemonic mount riding Chaos Lord while the current exalted hero is transformed into a L2 or L4 of Death/Nurgle.  Of course it all depends on 9th edition.

Hope you enjoyed!

Next up - quick recap of building the display board.


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