Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Call to Glory Campaign #7!

We kick off Month 4!

As always, the rules for the campaign can be found in this Google Drive folder. In addition, you can listen to the rules explained in episode 120 and 121 of Point Hammered.

First Half on Month Four - Fought May 7th, 2015
This is the first month to see the absence of the Raj (attending business in the chaos realm of Portlandia), so it was a good chance for the rest of the gang to pull ahead of 'ol Silvertongue.

As usual, we kicked off the month with a solo general's battle!

The Generals Challenge

Victor: The Butcher
Losers: Everyone else!

The Tallyman recounts:
As often happens, the Generals Challenge in the pit tends to be about turn order. Butch got in the last best hits and took the crown. Or whatever it is we win from these!

It was then on to the resource gathering as usual!

First Excursion

Target – The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Victor – The Tallyman
Losers –The Bear

The Tallyman recounts:
I randomly tossed down a card for my target and wound up going for gold, and playing Bear on a desolate field. We pretty much charged in and had at it. I, somehow, came out ahead in this game and was able to tally up my winnings for once!

Target – The Warpstone Pits (Mutations)
Victor – The Journeyman
Losers – The Legend, The Butcher

The Legend conveys:
I’m not great at the holding the center ground scenarios. I deployed first but didn’t want my ass in the wind so I deployed conservatively in one corner. Journeyman quickly took the center ground and started milking those sweet points. There was a significant slug fest between him and Butch. I managed to get my hands on a few of Journeyman’s units, win combat and then fail to run them down; a common theme for this battle. Which is one reason I did so poorly. Great rolls in combat, bad rolls to get to combat. Journayman really won the day when he got a sneaky flank charge on Butch’s trolls and Blightking general. That point swing was enough to secure him the solid win.

Second Excursion

Target – The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Victor – The Journeyman
Losers – The Tallyman

The Journeyman speaks:
This game I played against the Tallyman. I'm pretty sure I ran forward and there where many dead. My warriors reveled in much glory and Blood for Khorne. Victory was assured. (The Tallyman enumerates: The Journeyman cleaned house in this one. Can I ever live down this shame?)

Target – The Crumbling South (Slaves)
Victor – The Legend
Losers – The Butcher, The Bear

The Legend conveys:
Once again I deployed cautiously. I figured if I could lead Bear and Butch into beating on each other and maybe even take out each others general it would leave me to swoop in for the kill and snatch the artifact. And that is exactly what happened! Bear killed Butch’s general, and in the process leaving Bear’s general ripe for a charge from my Ogre. Some sneaky moves by the Bear puts two wounds on my Ogre, the same has been done to his. I charge, throw down a bunch of cards, Butch throws down a bunch of cards to help both Bear and I, then Bear throws down a bunch of cards! It was a tense moment when we flipped the cards. First Bear had to roll on the Chalice of Chaos, the dice bounces… and up pops a 1! His ogre General takes a wound and he had only one left! All the build up and I didn’t even get to do an impact hit. With no generals left besides mine, I get the win by default..

Offerings: Khorne 2 of 8, Tzeentch 3 of 9, Nurgle 4 of 7, Slaanesh 4 of 6
Magic items: Blade of Blood (1), The Impaler (1), Other Trickster's Shard, Enchanted Shield, Potion of Foolhardiness, Sword of Battle, Ensorcelled Weapon
Mutations: Unearthly Reflexes x2, Gut Charge, Allure of Slaanesh, Harvester Cannon, Unnatural
Resources: Gold X2, Slaves x3, Glory x3, Shadow of Defeat x4
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Beasts, +5% army size, 75 point unit cap, Hellflayer Chariot
In progress: Cavalry, 100 point unit cap
Bonus 1: For winning 2nd trial of champions, may use a single troll regardless of stronghold building limitations.
Bonus 2: For winning 3rd trial of champions, gained secret location of the Sceptre of Transmutation artifact. (Though subsequently lost the artifact to the Raj).

Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8, Tzeentch 2 of 9, Nurgle 3 of 7, Slaanesh 6 of 6
Magic Items: Razor Standard (1) Wintertooth Crown (1)
Mutations: Runeclaw x2, Tongue Attack, Mutant Poisons, Evil Eyeball, Daemonic Flight (1)
Reign of Chaos: Punished by the Gods, Devolve, Storm of Fire
Treachery: Riches, Inspire Fury
Manifestation: Blessing of Slaanesh (1)
Resources: Glory x5, Gold X1, Shadow of Defeat X11
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, 75 point unit cap, Fast Calvary, Monstrous Infantry, Level 1 Magic Items (25-45 pts), Level 1 Mutations (25-45 pts), +10% army size
In Progress: Cavalry, Monstrous Beast, 100 Point Unit Cap, Hellflayer Chariot

Modeling: Not much new with models, all the Khorne warriors are done. I will have to figure out some more models to paint up here

Offerings: 6 Nurgle, 6 Slaanesh
Magic Items: Opal Amulet , Power Stone (1), Ramhorn Helm, Sword of Striking, Skin of Man, Seed of Rebirth, Gold Sigil Sword, Cloak of Skulls, Trickster’s Shard (1), Potion of Strength, Blue Fire
Mutations: Scaled Skin, Gouge Tusks, Dark Fury , Venomous Fangs 
Treachery: Gas Bomb
Resources: Glory 5, Shadow of Defeat 2, Slaves 1

Stronghold Buildings: Dark Fortress, Herdstone, Summoning Circle, Temple of Khorne, Temple of Nurgle, Temple of Slaanesh, Monstrous Infantry, Spoiled Stables, +5% Army Size, 50 Point Unit Size, 75 Point Unit Size
Under Construction: Temple of Tzeentch, Monstrous Beasts, Unhallowed Armory Lvl1, 100 Point Unit Size

Slowly getting there…

Offerings: 6 of 6 to Slaanesh. 3 of 6 to Nurgle
Magic Items: Chalice o Chaos, Gambler's Armor, Charmed Shield, Warrior Bane, Banner of Swiftness,
Manifestation: Blessings of Slaanesh.
Mutations: Blue Horror Infestation, Blue Horrors, Brass Behemoth, Fiend Tail (1), Murderous Mutation, Scaly Hide (6+)Slime Trail, Thunderous Charge, Venom Sting, Venomous Ooze, Gut Charge, Unholy Strike (1).
Treachery: Ambush Fire.
Resources: Gold X1, Slaves X4, Glory X4, Shadows of Defeat X1.
Stronghold: Dark Fortress, Temple to Nurgle and Slaanesh, Fast Cav, Monsterous Infantry, 75pt Mustering Field, Acropolis of Alteration.

In Progress: Building Herdstone, Summoning Circle, Temple to Tzeentch, Cavalry, 100 Point Mustering Fields.

Here is the 400 point army pic. As for upcoming projects? Filling out the ranks and brain storming some demons and beasts that fit the theme

Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8, Tzeentch 7 of 9, Nurgle 5 of 7, Slaanesh 6 of 6
Magic Items: Stolen Crowns (1), Ogre Blade (1), Death’s Heads, Potion of Toughness
Mutations: Noxious Breath (1), Unholy Resilience (1), Soporific Musk, Slythey Tongue, Aura of Chaos, Vomit, Venom Sting
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1), Bolt of Change (1), Caress of Laniph, Miasma of Pestilence, Aquiesence, Rot Glorious Rot
Treachery: Secret Information (1), Surprise Attack (1)
Resources: None
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, 75 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, All Gifts of Chaos Level 1
In Progress: 100 point unit cap, Monstrous Beasts, Level 2 Magic
Bonus: Ambushed the Bear to claim the Scepter of Transmutation Artifact

Although I missed this week’s session, I am happy with the state of my Gifts of Chaos deck and current buildings in progress. I am looking forward to adding a Spawn and Herald of Tzeentch to the force to get the most out of my spell cards. Casting has been spotty so far so I’m ready to see how everything plays out.

I am pumped to add this baby to the warband! Keeping with my ghoulish underworld beastmen theme was easy with a crypt horror / mino kitbash.

Actual painting! It’s a start at least…

Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8, Slaanesh 6 of 6(Complete),
Magic Items: Sword of Might, Biting Blade, Gleaming Pennant, Gamblers Armor
Mutations: Murderous Charge, Unnatural, Poisonous Slime, Burning Body, Plague Proboscis, Nurgle’s Rot, Healing Flesh(1)
Treachery: None
Resources: Gold x5, Glory x4, Shadow of Defeat x 4
Stronghold: Warriors, Beastmen, Khorne, Slaanesh, Monstrous Infantry, +5% army size, 50 point unit Cap
In Progress: Daemons, Nurgle, Fast Cavalry, +10% Army Size, 75pt Unit Cap

Bonus: *For eating the most chili dogs at the last campaign day (9 of the fukkers), the Tallyman gained a free Nurgle’s Rot mutation card.

If you guessed nothing would show here, you are mostly correct. But that Temple of Nurgle being built is no coincidence, it’s dip time. Plus, Nurgle is rocking the pus out of this campaign. But here’s a battle pic, I found a Bear!

That's it for now! Check back when we wrap up Month Four!


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