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Call to Glory Battle Report

Most of our Call to Glory games occur on our bi-weekly club night. Lately, the action has been spilling over to pre-arranged games in between those campaign sessions. We’ve been dubbing these babies ‘raids’ and this post chronicles one such combat fought between Raj and Legend!

The Lists

Court of the Raj - 300 points

Army Restrictions (based on the Stronghold buildings constructed): 75 point unit cap max, No Heavy Cavalry, No Monstrous Beasts or Cavalry, Level 1 Wizard only

32 Raj the Chosen Champion, Marks of Slaanesh and Tzeentch, Shield
26 – 2 Plaguebearers
32 – 2 Daemonettes, Standard
18 – 2 Tzeentch Horrors
12 Newman the Ungor Halfhorn, Mark of Slaanesh
8 Moxie the Chaos Warhound, Vanguard
38 – 2 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Khorne, Halberds
38 – 2 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Khorne, Halberds
40 – Flamer of Tzeentch
50 Blighty the Blight King Champion
294 total points

Each player has a unique Gifts of Chaos deck in addition to their lists. For a list of the cards in each player's deck, check out Call to Glory Campaign #6.

While most the campaign crew are using Blight Kings or their Khorne equivalents as generals, I’m having success with Raj as a mere Chosen Champion. There is also the fact that I’m on a decent win streak and campaign rules mean you can’t switch marks on your general unless you draw or lose. As long as I’m winning, I have to stick with Tzeentch! Raj has made enough offerings to earn a permanent Mark of Slaanesh as well, which is handy for avoiding those killer panic and fear checks at this point level.

I still take a Blight King, though. Point for point, they’re some of the best models you can get at this level. They are a bit slow, though, so I just stick to one. This model is still a WIP in progress. I want to add some more tentacles holding a shield and great weapon, as the BK can switch between weapons.

I have two units of two Khorneholers. Warriors with Halberds are pretty brutal versus all the Beast and Daemon options at this level and the extra attacks from Frenzy give them an edge over other Warriors units.

I have a Daemon unit from each god but Khorne. Although I don't have a wizard yet, these units can cast spells from their own God’s lore (assuming you have some of those spells in your Gifts of Chaos deck – which I do!)

The flamer seems like it’d be really awesome but generally does jack shit. At least it doesn’t usually die, though. Moxie the warhound runs interference and Newman the halfhorn sees if he can get lucky with his short bow. He’s bagged the Bear and the Journeyman once each already. I also have two shooting Gift of Chaos cards that are good to use on him if I get the chance, Death’s Heads (12”, S4, D3 wounds – from the Plague Drones) and Slythey Tongue (12” S5 – from the Jabberyslythe).

The Legend’s Raiders - 300 points

Army Restrictions – 75 point unit cap, Warriors only, Nurgle and Slaanesh only, No Heavy Cavalry, No Monstrous Beasts or Cavalry, No Wizards.

50 - Skeggi the Blightzerker champ, General.
74 - 4 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Slaanesh, Shield, Champ (which I forgot all about)
38 - 2 Chaos Warriors, Mark Slaanesh, Shield, Halberd
38 - 2 Marauder Horsemen, Mark of Slaanesh, Throwing Axes, Spears
50 - 2 Hellstrider Valkyrie, Whips, Banner
50 - Oglof the Ogre Champ, Mark of Nurgle, Extra Weapon
300 Points

My army has always been shifting and changing as I build new things and see what works well for me, which is rarely anything. I usually use my Blightzerker for a general, and by usual I mean every other game since I lose more often than not lately. I would like to say that I have this grand scheme to the build of this army, an insidious plan by which to secure victory, a hole in the rules that I plan to exploit… but I don’t. My main goal is to build an army that looks as Norse as I can and then watch it get beat to shit with the occasional sweet, sweet win. I will say this about what little strategy I do have: I fail at rolling dice so Slaanesh is the way to go for me. I see now that I would benefit from having some of the other marks opened up, but meh, those ideas are for thinkers. But here is why I have what I have:

The warriors are kitted out to be an anvil at some point, and to remain as cheap as they can be in the process. At some point I will mark them Tzeentch, but that’s for another month. I did just build some halberd warriors so I could beef up my hitting power since the marauders I was using were not quite pulling their weight.

The fast cav is still in the experimental phase. I’m not sure how to use them to the best effect, but the horsemen are the only option I have for a little shooting in the list. They are vulnerable to shooting and combat which makes them a little bit of a liability, but also a potential pain in the ass for the opponent. The Hellstriders are one of those choices that few people ever take, which for me is an immediate draw. I like their rules and the idea of them, but I fear that their effectiveness will only be realized once the unit sizes get a little bigger. The ability to march 20 inches though has allowed me to put them in some key locations in previous games. The idea to waste 10 points on a banner is for those frequent wiff-fests where victory can be sealed with that one point of combat res. Oh, and I have banner of swiftness in my deck too.

Oglaf is my one fear causing distraction in the warband. He uses the shield as an additional weapon not knowing that it could be used for defense. What can I say, he’s an ogre and ogres kill shit unless they don’t.

The Blightzerker is my one bandwagon addition in the warband. Point for point, you can’t argue with the combination of defensive and offensive abilities. Not going to lie, I feel a little dirty using him and I am a little happy that the next month will see a decline in the use of the 40mm based infantry.

Raj’s Plan
This scenario is Battle for the Artefact. In the center we placed a Marauder to represent our target (they’re only good for slaves now!) Only generals can claim it and it’s worth 130 VP (scaled down from 500) at the end of the game. That is a huuuge swing so I will stay focused on that as my key to victory. Raj as a champion actually works out for me since I can be jukey and just shoot for the objective. Legend’s Blight King general will have to get into the fray to make his points back. Other than that, I wanted to target Ledge’s fast cav units. I’ve learned in previous games they’re pretty fragile but worth a ton of points!

Raj's Opening Gift of Chaos Hand
As described in the campaign rules, these are doled out at the beginning of the game and each turn just like Triumph and Treachery cards.

I started with four and was very pleased with my pull. The Soporific Musk is extremely powerful in head to head Chaos Warrior fights and the Surprise Attack card would help me get the charge on his fast cav units.

The Plan of Legend
I just want to kill shit! All of my best laid plans fall apart so if I fall back on killing everything I can’t help but win… right? Guys?... Anybody?

It seems impossible for me to make a draw without getting some god damn resources in it! The other three cards are pretty good though. The Unholy strike may be my best chance at taking down his Blightking, and the Thunderous Charge is always a bit a surprise in combat.

Legend Deploys First

My initial deployment has me eying up the slave. I don’t want to be too aggressive as to allow Raj to squirt around me, but I want to keep pressure on the scenario. Once I finish, I stare down the field at what Raj has deployed:

The vanguard always leaves me scratching my head. I’m never sure where to pull these fast little fuckers, so I decide to move away from his shooting flank with the Valkyrie and I figure I will gamble and push up my Horsemen with the intent of killing that flamer with shooting if I manage the first turn.

After a manly hand shake to rouse the Chaos Gods, we begin!

Legend Wins Turn 1 (At least I won something)
I push my horsemen up to score a quick kill on the flamer with throwing axes, because you know, dice always work that well for me. 

The rest of my movement is as modest as a virgin on her wedding night. No charges, just steely glares across the table. No magic, on to shooting. My horsemen take aim with their mighty axes, they throw, the world holds its breath as the dice bounce in slow motion to reveal one hit! Not bad since I needed 5s to hit, I even managed to score a wound… which was warded. Sigh.

With the ass of my horsemen in the breeze, Raj declares a few charges on them. I flee as any good fast cav would do. He charges again and I flee even closer to the table edge, but manage to stay on. What luck! I must be gifted today! Oh, a forest. Dangerous terrain tests? Bah, no problem. I roll, and up pops the fucking 1 that I was hoping not to get! Raj then manoeuvres his daemonettes out of site of Oglaf and starts to do what Raj does best, squirt around the edges. 

Raj's Turn 1
I declared a charge w/ Blighty and followed up with the Khorneholers to try and get those damn horseman off the table. They just managed to stay on although 1 got his head knocked in through the woods. My shooting did jack so that was about it for me.

On the left side I just kind of pussy footed forward. Those slaanesh soul whatevers have burned me on long charges before.

Legend’s Turn 2
The gods gift me with a fair set of reinforcement cards. These will certainly do.

Beyond the foresight of the Raj, I saw an opening for a charge with Oglaf. From the corner of his squinty little eyes he could see the shrubs move as Newman finished a poop. I needed an 8 for the charge to be successful; I rolled the dice and saw a 2 and a six. Oglaf put on his shit kickers today! 

Meanwhile, after the failed charge against the horsemen, Raj’s Khorneholers were ripe for a long charge by my Blightzerker. I needed an 8 for this charge as well, and this little fucker must have been hankerin’ for some Khorne on the cob ‘cause he made it in. 

Since my fast cav had a double flee last round they were unable to move or shoot when they rallied. So, on to combat. I decided to start with the Khorne on Nurgle slugfest in the middle of the board. Striking at the same time, I was a bit nervous if I was going to pull this one off, so I put down the Thunderous Charge card making it possible for the Blightzerker to use his second hand weapon at strength 5. All 5 attacks hit and three of those squeaked in for wounds. At the same time he was unable to avoid the pointy end of one halberd and took a wound for the trouble.

I decided to overrun to get out of the charge of Raj and his Blightking, running an impressive 9 inches. 

 The panic checks found Moxie and the Blightking taking leadership checks; Moxie passed, and the Blightking headed for the hills.

Kind of wish I stayed now since this puts my general far from the objective. This might be the point where my plan fell to shit. Oh, and Oglaf beat up the ungor… You feel like a big man now, Mr. Ogre?!
To begin the path of vengeance, Raj selected a charge against my Valkyrie. 

Having a banner, I wasn’t worried what a couple plague bearers were going to do. I figured the banner cancels the charge bonus and I get to strike first. What could possibly go wrong? Raj made the charge no problem, even with a little extra help from a card he didn’t even need. 

To finish what he started with the horsemen Raj charges with the daemonettes. I have no choice but to stand and shoot since I was far too close to the table edge to flee. If I managed to take one down with an axe, maybe, just maybe, I could still win the fight.

But that’s not what happened. 

The battle between the plague bears and valkyrie went a little better, or would have gone even more better (betterer?) if it weren’t for Raj and his little Glory cards. First, Raj boosts the weapon skill of the Plague douches, which is well played because it saved him a hit. 

I still managed to put a wound through which Raj then plays a Glory card for the ward save. 

A good plan since he rolled a 1. The Glory card takes effect and he rolls a 5! 

The Plague Fairies roll back, but before they roll to hit he plays another Glory card. Again, he rerolls a one.

And then he gets a poisoned 6! 

I lose a Valkyrie, but hold my ground.

Raj’s Turn 2
I still counted as being ahead in VP, so only got to draw 1 card.

I was pleased to get this one as it would make my daemonettes much deadlier (even getting me a shot at KBing his Blight King general if it came down to that.

I used my Surprise Attack card to get the jump on the slaanholes and soporific musk to try and get the combat in my favor but it was a big whiff fest. I was so excited about going after those guys I forgot to move my remaining unit of Khornholers.

On the other side ‘o the field I rallied big Blighty and juked Raj forwards towards the objective. I had Moxie close on the Ledge’s heels to march block and hopefully keep him from making it back towards the objective in the middle. The Daemonettes killed the horsemen and the flamer continued to do jack shit.

Legend’s Turn 3
I didn’t have many option this turn so I moved my warriors back to harrass Raj a little. Moved up my Halberds out of the arc of the Khorne warriors even though that tempted an easy charge with the Blightking, though maybe I had a dirty trick if that happened. 

The Ogre was march blocked by that damn Flamer so he just waddled about toward the middle of the board. Moxie failed to march block the Blightzerker who was trying to get up behind the Blightking.  

In combat, my remaining Valkyrie was able to put down one of the Plague Bearers which won the day and the last one popped. She then turned to face the Horrorers.

As expected, the Blightking charged my Halberds. I had to hold to keep them from getting into the arc of the Khorneholers. 

Not expecting a shooting attack on the side of the board with the last Valkyrie, Raj pulls out the Slythey Tongue! 

But for insurance he plays a glory as well, which of course turns the 1 to wound into a 3 which means a dead hellstrider. 

Seems the gods favor the bold! Cocksucker. 

In the battle with the Blightking, I pull out the Unholy Strike card. I miss so I throw down a Shadow of Defeat and manage a hit. A wound! AND THEN… a single wound. Fucking game. 

Raj’s Turn 3
Being down on VP, I got to draw 3 cards but just got a bunch ‘o damn resource cards. If you win too many games your deck fills up with this crap! The Glory cards are marginally useful at least.

Blighty charged in to the warriors harassing Raj. Dirty Ledge had an unholy Strike up his sleeve. The doofer originally missed his swing but Ledge played a Shadow of Defeat card to reroll and hit Blighty. Shadow of Defeat cards let you reroll anything so they’re pretty useful. Every time you lose a game you get one. Every time you win a game you have to give one up. As I’ve been on a win streak I have none of those supremely useful buggers.

In any case, that warrior only managed a single wound with that hit and then Blighty turned both of them into a fine jelly.

Meanwhile, I used my Slythey tongue card on a horror to take out the last slaanhole. I correctly judged yet again that a Glory card would be necessary to take that bastard out.

A lot of jukeyness was going on in the rest of the battlefield. Raj continued to hang about the center out of Ledge's arcs while the rest of my forces moved into position to pounce.

Legend’s Turn 4
On the plus side, at this moment I didn’t have many models to worry about. I kept trying to get my Blightzerker out from the wrong side of the table, the same with my Ogre, and I kept backing up the warriors who were facing a flank charge from the daemonettes and a frontal charge from the Blightking. Not a great place for these poor bastards to be. 

Well, that was an impressive turn…

Then on Raj's turn... Daemonettes in the flank?! WHAT!? 

Actually, I was hoping that they would give me the combat res I needed to win a combat with the Blightking. The Blightking that was getting all up in my shit 

 At least his Khorneholers didn’t make the charge. 

The battle was epic! I managed to kill only one daemon bitch. The Blightking got two wounds in, but I parry saved them both! 

Raj’s Turn 4
Back in the VP lead, I got a single card.

One use only cards are seriously one use only. Once used, you put it into your opponent’s discard pile instead of your own. This potion is friggin awesome, though. I didn’t want to use it unless absolutely necessary.

On this turn I went all in on Ledge’s 4 pack of warriors. Blighty and the daemonettes made it in while the Khorneholers looked on longingly. Despite a plethora of cards being played, not much happened. Ledge had a wicked double parry from Blighty's great weapon and held the break check.

This piece of shit flamer continued to suck it up taking potshots at the blightzerker.

Legend’s Turn 5
The Blightzerker and Ogre were still getting march blocked, so they were well in hand for the Raj. I was only hoping for another round of glorious rolling to keep my warriors alive one more turn. But we all know how that goes. 

Couldn’t save two wounds, or kill that last daemonette. Run you fools! But not too fast, don’t play ‘ard to get or anything. 

Raj's Turn 5
This one was pretty much locked at this point. Raj was hovering next to the objective and I moved the Khorneholers and Flamer in position to block Ledge’s general and Ogre respectfully. Moxie sat on the Blightzerker's flank making sure he couldn't just move around the Khorneholers to try and get the objective last turn.

Legend’s Turn 6
I took some quick vengeance where I could. He used his Khorne warriors to chaff up the Blightzerker. So I used a Gut Charge and rolled through them. 

 Oglaf finally got some action by killing the Flamer that had been hounding him all game. 

But all of it was for naught; Raj captured the slave. 

Looks like I will have a new general yet again! Well, it is chaos after all; generals shouldn’t remain the same.

Raj's Turn 6
Raj hunkers down next the slave, whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

Ledge edged Raj out slightly on pure VP with the last turn sacrifices but the objective bonus more than made up for that in the end. Victory to Raj!

In addition to the slave card gained, the winner gets to steal a card from the loser.

Will it be the Unholy Strike? Gut charge?

Just a friggin Glory card. (cue sad trombone)

Anyways, that's it for now. The campaign slogs on!


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