Tuesday, May 5, 2015

AoW: Marauder Champion - Call to Glory General

Before I bailed on the Call to Glory campaign, I finished this guy to lead the force.

It's the Avatars of War Marauder Champion model.

I'm not enthused by the pics. They're a bit washed out, but oh well. I'm sick of waiting for a nice cloudy day to take pics.

The cloak was done using the old Scaly Green color. It's my all time favorite.
The metal and skin were washed and highlighted several times using Secret Weapon Miniatures Baby Poop color. It's adds a nice green hue to everything. 
This guy was a blast to paint up, being so different from everything I've done in recent history.


Gatti said...

About the pictures, you can enhance picture colors pretty easily. GRIX is a free software program you can download (though I think preview has this attribute for free). Basically go to Colors > Levels (or on preview go to Tools > Adjust Color). Clicking levels gives you a histogram with bars that sets the ranges of your picture. There will be places on the graph where the histogram level is 0. Drag the bar to cut out these 0 value areas and your picture will brighten considerably and the picture will be closer to what your eye sees.

Either way, looks great. I love avatars of war stuff.

Unknown said...

For pic issues try using a light box. I made one out of a large cardboard box, white printer paper, and the opaque bags that computers and monitors come packaged in. I'll try to find the link that had the instructions I followed and post it back here.

Great fig by the way! Your work is outstanding!!!

PsychosisPC said...

Ha! Baby Poop!

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