Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Beginnings of Stupid: The SkullBros Inaugural and Invitational 40k Escalation League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


With summer fast approaching and WFB being terrible (seriously, who's still playing End Times?), SkullBros have decided to get weird.

Okay, not THAT weird. Fuck.
So we're rocking 40k for the foreseeable future. Not only that, but those boners have put me in charge of an escalation league. Poor choices abound.
 That being said, we're gonna make this as rad as possible. Think back to when White Dwarf was actually interesting--remember the Tales of Four Gamers bit they used to run? God that was cool. Well, we're gonna do something similar(ish). That being said, we've got 16 guys in the league, so it might be a little more brief on the blurbs...

This bastard will run 6 months, 250pts a month, for a grand-total of 1500pt armies. A great start for a new army, a solid addition to an existing force, or a manageable re-skin of current stuff. During that time, we'll also be playing 2 games a month using scenarios crafted by yours-truly. Along the way I'll also be writing fluff to slowly reveal the narrative surrounding the league. Get ready for some stink.

Apparently all my pics will be these anti-motivational posters today...
I'll post updates so y'all can follow along with us. There are lots of excellent hobbyists in this shindig, so there will be some pretty stuff to see (multiple award-winning hobbyists). I'll also be adding Intro Blurbs for all of us over the next month so you can see who you're dealing with. Pretty cool, huh?

So who got invites for this piece of shit, you ask? Honestly it was less "invitational" and more "whoever lives in the area and has expressed interest." Also, "people who won't make this stink" was a factor. We're not playing for keeps here--this is about fun, painting, and narrative games. In that order of importance.

Okay, this one has no point. I just fucking love this picture.

In case you were wondering, Round 1 Match-ups are out:

Month 1, Game 1
250 PointsScenario: Silence the GunsResult:
Opp 1Opp 2
Kevin Bruins (SM: Space Wolves)Roder (Tau)
Sambo (CSM Khorne)Sam Stewart (Adeptus Mechanicus)
Andrew Navaro (SM: Salamanders)Stephen Schreader (ORKZZZ)
John Shaffer (Adeptus Mechanicus)Tim Flanders (Alpha Legion)
Brian Sass (Skitarii)Adam Trunzo (ORKZZZ)
Eric Hagen (ORKZZZ)Dan Grothe (Dark Eldar)
Dirty B (CSM: Crimson Slaughter)Zach Shelley (SM: Blood Angels)
Mike Gerold (Eldar)Wade Piche (Tyranids)

And if you want to know what the Scenario "Silence the Guns" is or what fluff might written, here's a link to the public drive folder: SkullBros Escalation League.

[I'll be adding to the Drive folder every couple of weeks FYI]

Otherwise, that's about it. Keep your eyes peeled for cool stuff!

Happy painting!

*Also, I've also added similar (not 100% the same) content to the SkullBrosAwesome blog. Due to Google's pain-in-the-ass blacklisting shit, I'm going to be changing up the format a bit for these posts. One blog will likely get more hobby-related stuff, the other more game-related stuff. Haven't decided which yet. Don't worry--between the two, you'll get plenty of stuff to keep up on!


ephrael said...

This is an excellent idea that should be fun for everyone involved. Makes me wish I lived near your gaming group. I look forward to reading your updates!

Nabroleon said...

Thanks! If you're ever in the TC area, feel free to look us up for some games!

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