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SkullBros Escalation League Introductions (Part 1)

Hey y'all,

As I mentioned in the intro post for this shindig, all of us dummies in the league would be writing up introductions so that people could get a picture of how awful we are. And what a stinky picture it is. Let's start first with the SkullBros:

God we stink.

Straight outta heaven.
Well hello there. My name is Andrew, though I'd prefer if you just called me Roder, because there's nothing cooler than an almost-40-year-old man who still insists on using a nickname bestowed upon him in grade three.

I'll be bringing both self-deprecation and Tau in equal measures to this here campaign, because I hate myself and I hate you too. So we'll enjoy that together.
My goals for this campaign are to have a new 40k army (I've been playing Grey Knights before this and now that they aren't over-powered I have to move on) and to have some fun with new painting techniques. I'm a slow painter so I imagine that I'll have to either 1) quit before the campaign is done or 2) reduce quality at some point, but assuming that I get to 3) complete an army, then I'm looking to create a rather striking appearance through camouflage and light/weapon glows that may provide some basic object-source-lighting to my models. These are things I've never done on previous army projects. Should be fun.


No caption necessary.

I'm Chris. aka Durty B.
I'm Roders power bottom on the SkullBrosAwesome Podcast.
I've been playing 40K on and off since 1987.
I'll be hobby wobbling my way through the next few months in this league.
I've already abandoned my Crimson Slaughter. I'll be porting over my Tzeentch daemons from fantasy to 40K for this league.
Next week, I'll probably give up.

Here are some boobs.

You guys are great.


Smell me!! SMELL ME!!!
My name is Adam Sammon (aka MC Giggle-House) and I am a hobbyist true and true. I’ve been hobbying for some 15+ years with multiple game systems from Old D&D figures to Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, which takes up the bulk of those 15 years. Warhammer has driven my passion for hobbying and Chaos seems to be my favorite flavor both in Fantasy and 40K. Recently I’ve been working on my Chaos Space Marines World Eater army and was looking for a push to get things done. The escalation league seemed to be the right fit. My goal is to have an expansive Chaos army and build it to something like 3000pts. With the new Demonkin book out I plan to add Demons to the roster down the road. I may even incorporate them sooner around the middle of the escalation league so that I can use the book. The greatest obstacle will be time. With two kids and summer coming up, my hobby time will be limited. I do have some lighter hobbying to do that I might use as padding but plan to push hard early. Cross your fingers!


Majestic as fuck. [The beard, not the landscape]
Well hello, Bros,

My name’s Tim, or Flando, Flando Calrissian, Flandroid, or just Stupid Sexy Flanders. I’ll leave that all up to you.

I’ve been playing minis games since 2003. I’ve done 40k, Fantasy, Warmachine, and Hordes. I’ve been working on my Space Marine army in one form or another since 2007, but they will be taking a back seat in this Escalation for ::drum roll:: CHAOS! While I will be doing Chaos Space Marines with Daemon allies, I actually mean I will be doing a jumbled mess of nonsense. I’m putting together a list of 170 miniatures for a roleplaying game I’m running, and I’m using this campaign to get things moving for that. As such, I’ve actually cobbled together a list of cultists, servitors, corrupted Mechanicus constructs, Tzeentch daemons, and Chaos Space Marines. Thankfully, the Alpha Legion make use of whatever witch, cult, or Imperial organization they can dupe into their service, so it should all make some sort of sense.

I look forward to trouncing all of you with my spies, subterfuge, back-stabbers, and trade-craft. 


This is my "Come hither" look
I’m Sam, and I’ve been doing this 40k thing for a bit more than a decade now. 40k was my first experience in minis gaming, and although I’ve also done Fantasy, Warmachine, and Hordes, it’s always nice to come back to it.

I’m going to be rocking out with the Imperial Guard (or Astra Militarum if you’re all new to this). The IG were my original army back in 2004, and I painted up something like 3000 points years ago. Then I actually learned how to paint, so for the past three years I’ve been slowly stripping down or retiring the old models, and remaking my army into something that looks nice. Ish. Niceish. So every escalation league is just another excuse to paint more dudes! I’m going to be getting all my Tempestus and Ogryn auxiliaries done for this league, and I’m looking forward to getting some paint on those sweet-ass models.

Also, since I live with Tim, I have to put up with his “oh, look at my 10,000 [13,000 ~Tim] points of Space Marines” ALL. THE. TIME. So I’m just taking every excuse to make my army bigger than his. …it’s probably Freudian.

This is going to be super sweet! Looking forward to gaming with you bros!


That poor, poor dog.
To those about to paint I salute you!

I’m Kevin Bruins of SkullBrosAwesome, and I am building up an army of Space Wolves. I have been painting and playing Warhammer Fantasy for 12 years. Little 15 year old Kevin loved spending that hard earned lawn mowing money on Orcs. Over the years I have become more interested in the hobby elements to gaming, and love forging a good narrative. 40k in it’s latest two additions has been very fun for me to use as a laid back miniatures game, that lends itself to a very thematic game.

My Space Wolves will be my first 40k army I will be giving an honest hobby effort into (my Necrons are an appalling red, white and blue speedpainted shit show). I am used to painting Fantasy and Historical models and so the sci-fi armour and weapons are a neat challenge. I will not be doing too much in the way of converting for this first 1,500 points of Space Wolves, rather I will be focusing on painting clean, dynamic basing, and enjoying my time painting in this new style. I will be taking full advantage of the 32mm Space Marine basing and will try to convey a long ago ruined cityscape that has since been overtaken by the nature. My goal will be to have an interesting 1500 points of footslogger Space Wolves by the time this is done.

My time is pretty open currently, so I should be able to paint to a standard I feel comfortable with each month. I am excited to play the different point values as well, as I think these will help me get to know my Space Wolves special rules and equipment options gradually. Look forward to seeing you all on the field of battle.

If I ever have to take down a fellow Imperium player and slice and dice your force into little pieces, don’t worry it isn’t personal. We’re just doing what we are supposed to do as the Executioners for the Emperor!


Hello Battle Bros,

I'm "old man" Eric Hagen, I started the GW Crack addiction in 1986 with Warhammer Roleplay. A year later Rogue Trader (40k edition One) showed me the dark and grim future. This make me a methuselah gamer and my list is long with games/game systems played and armies owned. I love them all and I'm bit of a GW fanatic who enjoys the hobby as much as playing the games.
My original army in 87 was Eldar, then Orks and some Marines. I will be doing Orks again with this escalation. My goal is to kill some "miniatures-back-log" piling up in my office. I also plan to freshen up my boyz with new bases and put some more green into their skin.

I've tried various painting and hobby techniques within my ork army over the years which include: extra dirty washes, overly scratched-painted metal and rusting powders. The overall effect was a bit too "realistic and dirty"- so much so, that they just looked like boring grubs from 4 feet away as they blended into ruins and other "brownish" terrain.

Month one will include:
• 20 orks with new skin and cleaned up checks and dags.
• New bases for the 20 Orks.
• 2 New Trucks to carry these Orks to glory!

I'm very excited to roll deep with this 40k party. Thanks again to Mikey G for putting this together again!

and one more thing...

Orks Da Best!


I'm just the worst.
Hey y’all,

I’m Mikey G (also, Nabroleon) of SkullBrosAwesome and for the purposes of this League, I’m the Overlord. I make the match-ups, the scenarios, and pretty much this whole damn thing run. I’ve been doing Warhammer-y stuff since my middle school days, and it’s been a long road of mediocrity and stupidity. I actually started with 40k WAY back in the day and moved away from it to Fantasy and various other games. Now I’m back and looking to up my painting game and seriously downgrade my playing game.

For this beast, I’m rockin’ out with my Eldar cock out. I’ve always dug the look of the Eldar, and while some of their models haven’t been redone in years, I think I can make them work. I’m not sure how much conversion work I’ll do beyond kit-bashing and light greenstuff work, as I’ll be strapped for time with putting all this together every month, but I’ll see what I can do. And as with every new army, I always need to develop a new skill. For the Eldar, it will be….*dramatic drumroll*....clean paint lines and basic airbrushing. Considering that Eldar have a lot of open space on tanks and some armor, that airbrush will be rad. And 40k paint styles typically lend themselves very well to sharp, clean highlights.

My time is limited, however, so we’ll see how this goes. I’m positive that I can get everything done; what I’m worried about is whether it will be at the level that I want it to be. Afterall, I’ve got weights to lift, sports to watch/play, and girls/Domus to please too. 


That's all for our first installment of the 40k Escalation Introduction Posts. I hope you all now hate us as much as we do. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Intros--The Non-SkullBros (see also: The Chumps).

Adios suckas!



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Good stuff! I wish I was living near the cities so I could join in this bro-bash escalation thing. Starting to put some feelers out to my team on 40k but nothing is sticking...

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