Thursday, April 16, 2015

Call to Glory Campaign #5

Month three kicks off!!

The Legend's warband grows!

As always, the rules for the campaign can be found in this Google Drive folder. In addition, you can listen to the rules explained in episode 120 and 121 of Point Hammered. The battles and results below are covered in episode 124.

First Half of Month Three - Fought on April 9th, 2015

The third Trial of Champions was a vanity contest between each player’s generals as seen on this very blog and twitter. We got a great response and a ton of votes. Unofficially, the Bastard was the champion with 23 votes. Raj was behind with 21 and Bear came in third with 18.

Unfortunately, the Bastard could not fulfill his campaign obligations and claim a victory. What little civility the powers of chaos were willing to entertain evaporated and a 6-way battle in the pit over the prize ensued. What prize could drive the generals so? A rare and ancient Chaos Spawn.

In the end, it was the Journeyman who brought the spawn low and claimed victory in the third Trial of Champions! As his prize, he was able to claim the spawn as his eternal servant. The Journeyman may use it in his games even though he does not have the prerequisite structures unlocked.

Once that was sorted, it was time for the first Excursion! Our point level is 300 points for our third month and the warbands are starting to get interesting! Now that Raj isn’t the only player with the 50 point unit cap unlocked, many more troop type variants are hitting the field. (screamers, ogres and blight kings oh my!)

First Excursion

Target - The Forges of Hashut (Magic Items)
Victor - The Raj
Loser - The Tallyman

The Tallyman recounts: the highlight was a mutual deathblow of generals Raj and Tallyman. Being marked Slaanesh, I suspect they both took a shot in the mouth for the team.

Target - The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Victor - The Butcher
Ambush Loser - The Journeyman

The Butcher grumbles: Using a masterful flurry of cards, I was able to slay Journeyman’s spawn and general, stealing the win in the end. (read: I got lucky). But really what did you expect?

The Journeyman speaks: Blight Kings beat Skullreapers.

Target – The Crumbling South (Slaves)
Victor – The Legend
Loser – The Bear

The Bear growls: Both generals died so it went to VP to decide and I lost by 10 VP. Our lists were remarkably similar.

Second Excursion

Target - The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Victor - The Journeyman
Losers - The Legend, The Tallyman

The Journeyman speaks: This time the force held up pretty well, and I was able to decimate Tallymans forces, and tear the head from Legends Blightking. Victory and spoils.

The Legend conveys: We did some severe damage to each other leaving few survivors, but Journeyman pulled out a victory. Tallyman came in last, which is not much of a surprise since his forces were down 20 points and the bulk of his army is naked marauders.

Target - The Crumbling South (Slaves)
Victor - The Raj
Losers - The Bear, The Butcher

The Butcher grumbles: And yet again, Bear’s inability to resist the silky lickings of the accursed Silvertongue or the craftiness of his deceitful plan led to our defeat. Again.

End of Year Two Snapshot
To win the campaign, a player’s general must have the marks of all four chaos gods. To get the permanent mark of each god, they must complete that god's offering track. Stronghold buildings will help players win games and get the specific cards they need to make their offerings, but will not give overall victory in their own right.

The Bastard
Offerings: None
Magic Items: Sword of Change (1), Manbane Standard (1), Standard of Discipline, Ironcurse Icon, Spellshield, Dragonhelm, Banner of Eternal Flame
Mutations: Brass Behemoth, The Eye Opens, Ghostsight, Iron Skin
Resources: Gold x3, Slaves x2, Glory x7, Shadow of Defeat x 1
Stronghold: Warriors, Nurgle, Khorne

As discussed in episode 124 of Point Hammered, the Bastard has officially withdrawn from the campaign.

The Bear
Offerings: Khorne 2 of 8, Tzeentch 2 of 9, Nurgle 3 of 7
Magic Items: The Impaler (1), Blade of Blood (1), Chalice of Dark Rain (1), Cloak of Skulls, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Battle
Mutations: Allure of Slaanesh, Unearthly Reflexes x2, Venom Sting, Harvester Cannon
Resources: Slaves x2, Glory x4, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Hellflayer Chariot
In Progress: Monstrous Beasts, +5% army size, 75 point unit cap

Bonus 1: For victory at the second Trial of Champions, may use a single troll regardless of Stronghold building limitations.

Bonus 2: For victory at the third Trial of Champions, gained the secret location of the Sceptre of Transmutation artifact. (although subsequently lost the artifact to The Raj).

Bear says this sucker is a flamer!

The Butcher
Offerings: Nurgle 5 of 7, Slaanesh 6 of 6
Magic Items: Talisman of Protection, Opal Amulet, Powerstone, Ramhorn Helm, Sword of Striking, Skin of Man
Mutations: Scaly Skin, Gouge-Tusk, Scaly Hide, Dark Fury, Venomous Fangs
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1)
Resources: Gold x3, Glory x3, Shadow of Defeat x4
Stronghold: All Factions, Nurgle, Khorne, Slaanesh, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, +5% Army size
In Progess: 75 point unit cap

The Legend
Offerings: Slaanesh 6 of 6
Magic Items: Potion of Toughness, Potion of Strength, Gambler's Armor, Seed of Rebirth, Banner of Swiftness, Charmed Shield
Mutations: Eyes Like Lasers (1), Fiend Tail (1), Slime Trail, Thunderous Charge, Murderous Mutation, Blue Horror Infestation, Vomit, Brass Behemoth, Venom Sting, Venomous Ooze, Runeclaw, Blue Horrors, Poisoned Attacks, Gut Charge
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1)
Treachery: Ambush Fire (2)
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x4, Glory x4, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold: 50 Point unit cap, Warriors, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Monstrous Infantry, Fast Cavalry, Level 1 Mutations (25-45 pts)
In Progress: None

The Journeyman
Offerings: Khorne 1 of 7, Nurgle 2 of 7, Slaanesh 2 of 7
Magic Items: Ogre Blade (1), Razor Standard (1), Sword of Striking, Channeling Staff, Potion of Speed
Mutations: Dark Fire of Chaos (1), Evil Eyeball, Tongue Attack, Mutant Poisons, Runeclaw, Rune of the True Beast
Reign of Chaos: Blue Fire, Storm of Fire, Punished by the Gods, Devolve
Resources: Gold x5, Glory x8
Stronghold: All factions, All Gods, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Level 1 Magic Items (25-45 pts), Level 1 Mutations (25-45 pts), +5% army size
In Progress: +10% army size, 75 point unit cap

The Raj - also known as Silvertongue
Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8, Tzeentch 5 of 9, Nurgle 2 of 7, Slaanesh 6 of 6
Magic Items: Stolen Crowns (1), Power Scroll (1), Death’s Heads
Mutations: Soulscent (1), Unholy Resilience (1), Gut Charge, Aura of Chaos, Soporific Musk, Slythey Tongue, Slashing Attack
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1), Bolt of Change (1), Miasma of Pestilence, Rot, Glorious Rot, Acquiesence, Caress of Laniph
Treachery: Secret Information (1)
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x3, Glory x6,
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Level 1 Magic Item (25-45 pts)
In Progress: Level 1 Magic Spells, 75 point unit cap

Bonus: Ambushed The Bear along with the Journeyman to claim the Sceptre of Transmutation Artifact.

The Tallyman
Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8, Slaanesh 5 of 6,
Magic Items: Sword of Might, Hagtree Fetish, Chalice of Chaos, Biting Blade, Gleaming Pennant, Potion of Speed
Mutations: Murderous Charge, Unnatural, Lamprey Bite, Poisonous Slime, Burning Body, Plague Proboscis, Nurgle’s Rot
Treachery: Sorcerous Aid (2)
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x3, Glory x2,
Stronghold: Warriors, Beastmen, Khorne, Slaanesh, Monstrous Infantry, +5% army size
In Progress: 50 point unit cap

Bonus: *For eating the most chili dogs at the last campaign day (9 of the fukkers), the Tallyman gained a free Nurgle’s Rot mutation card.

The story so far...

That's it for now! We are looking forward to rounding out the Month three games at 300 points next week.


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