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Call to Glory Campaign #4

Month two draws to a close!

Legend's Berjerker! (Blight King / Khorneholer)

As always, the rules for the campaign can be found in this Google Drive folder. In addition, you can listen to the rules explained in episode 120 and 121 of Point Hammered. The battles and results below are covered in episode 122.

Second Half of Year Two - Fought on March 26th, 2015 The Excursion point level is 200 points for Year Two. Two Excursions were fought the last campaign day. This day would kick off the third Excursion. Although Bear and Tallyman would join in the Fourth Excursion, this round was fought solely by Butcher, Legend, Journeyman and Raj.

Third Excursion
Each general next to their target. That's Raj's WIP Blight King in the lower right!
Target - The Warpstone Pits (Mutations)
Victor - The Legend
Loser - The Journeyman

The Legend conveys: Center ground scenario. Marauder horsemen were on fire with their throwing axes. Big victory for my band.       

Target - The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Victor - The Raj
Ambush Loser - The Butcher 

The Raj whispers: It was a bit of touch and go with Butcher's multiple waves of warriors and demons. Some key flanks and a timely passed break check sealed the victory.

Fourth Excursion
 By chance (or the will of Chaos), each player ended up in a one on one at their chosen targets!

Target - The Forges of Hashut (Magic Items)
Victory - The Journeyman
Loser - The Legend 

The Legend conveys: Relic scenario. Marauder horsemen didn't pull their weight this game. BIG BIG win for the Journeyman.

Target - The Crumbling South (Slaves)
Victory - The Raj
Loser - The Bear

The Bear growls: Got my teeth kicked in by Raj again as usual. Tried being jukey, but as Raj pointed out you need to hold something back for it to be jukey.

Target - The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Victory - The Tallyman
Loser - The Butcher

The Tallyman recounts: Faced the mighty Butcher in a Battle for the Artifact. Early on my Marauders ran away, but Butch didn't get many points for them. I grabbed some early kills after that, but then Butch got in started whuppin up on me with his Nurgly bros. At the end of the day though, I killed his general and my Warrior w/ standard managed to win a combat, and I took the final Tally by 10pts. Close game, but I was stoked to win something for a change!

End of Year Two Snapshot
A strikethrough indicates the card was lost or sacrificed during this game session.

The Bastard
Magic Items:  Sword of Change (1), Manbane Standard (1), Standard of Discipline, Ironcurse Icon, Spellshield, Dragonhelm, Banner of Eternal Flame
Mutations: Brass Behemoth, The Eye Opens, Ghostsight, Iron Skin
Resources: Gold x3, Slaves x2, Glory x7, Shadow of Defeat x 1
Stronghold: Warriors, Nurgle, Khorne
Offerings: None

The Bear
Magic Items: The Impaler (1), Blade of Blood (1), Cloak of Skulls, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Battle, Potion of Foolhardiness
Mutations: Gift of Tongues (1), Gut Charge, Rune of the True Beast, Allure of Slaanesh, Unearthly Reflexes x2, Venom Sting, Harvester Cannon
Reign of Chaos: Bolt of Change (1)
Treachery: Ambush Fire (2)
Resources: Gold x4, Slaves x2, Glory x3, Shadow of Defeat x 3
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Hellflayer Chariot
Offerings: Khorne 2 of 8, Tzeentch 2 of 9, Nurgle 3 of 7
Bonus 1: For victory at the second Trial of Champions, may use a single troll regardless of Stronghold building limitations. 
Bonus 2: For victory at the third Trial of Champions, gained the secret location of the Sceptre of Transmutation artifact. (although subsequently lost the artifact to The Raj). 

Khornite reinforcements!

The Bear growls: Looking forward to getting a full hand at the beginning of most games by using a chosen and representing all 3 factions and all four gods in my future games. Gonna have some fun trying out some of the new troop types I have access to as well.

The Butcher
Magic Items: Talisman of Protection, Potion of Strength, Opal Amulet, Death’s Heads, Powerstone, Ramhorn Helm
Mutations: Scaly Skin, Gouge-Tusk, Scaly Hide, Dark Fury
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1)
Resources: Gold x2, Slaves x2, Glory x1, Shadow of Defeat x4
Stronghold:  All Factions, Nurgle, Khorne, Slaanesh, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, +5% Army size
Offerings: Nurgle 5 of 7, Slaanesh 6 of 6


The Butcher grumbles: Working on General for challenge as well as a unit of Forsaken.

The Legend
Magic Items: Potion of Toughness, Potion of Speed, Gambler's Armor, Seed of Rebirth, Banner of Swiftness, Charmed Shield
Mutations: Eyes Like Lasers (1), Fiend Tail (1), Slime Trail, Thunderous Charge, Murderous Mutation, Blue Horror Infestation, Vomit, Brass Behemoth, Venom Sting, Venomous Ooze, Runeclaw, Blue Horrors
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1)
Resources: Gold x2, Slaves x2, Glory x1, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold: 50 Point unit cap, Warriors, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Monstrous Infantry, Fast Cavalry, Level 1 Mutations (25-45 pts)
Offerings: Slaanesh 6 of 6

The Journeyman
Magic Items: Ogre Blade (1), Razor Standard (1), Sword of Striking, Channeling Staff, Potion of Speed
Mutations: Dark Fire of Chaos (1), Evil Eyeball, Venomous Fangs, Tongue Attack, Mutant Poisons, Blue Horrors, Runeclaw
Reign of Chaos: Blue Fire, Storm of Fire, Punished by the Gods
Resources: Gold x3, Slaves x2, Glory x4, Shadow of Defeat x5
Stronghold: All factions, All Gods, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Level 1 Magic Items (25-45 pts), Level 1 Mutations (25-45 pts), +5% army size
Offerings: Nurgle 1 of 7

The Raj - also known as Silvertongue
Magic Items: Stolen Crowns (1), Death’s Heads (0), Ensorcelled Weapon, Luckstone, Skin of Man
Mutations: Soulscent (1), Unholy Resilience (1), Murderous Charge, Gut Charge, Aura of Chaos, Soporific Musk, Slythey Tongue, Slashing Attack
Reign of Chaos: Blessings of Slaanesh (1), Bolt of Change (1), Miasma of Pestilence, Rot, Glorious Rot, Acquiesence, Caress of Laniph
Treachery: Clandestine Aid (2), Secret Information (1)
Resources: Gold x4, Slaves x6, Glory x4,
Stronghold: All Factions, All Gods, 50 point unit cap, Fast Cavalry, Level 1 Magic Item (25-45 pts)
Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8, Tzeentch 5 of 9, Nurgle 2 of 7, Slaanesh 6 of 6
Bonus: Ambushed The Bear along with the Journeyman to claim the Sceptre of Transmutation Artifact.

The Raj Incarnation V1 WIP
The Tallyman
Magic Items: Biting Blade, Sword of Might, Hagtree Fetish, Chalice of Chaos
Mutations: Murderous Charge, Unnatural, Lamprey Bite, Poisonous Slime, Burning Body, Brass Behemoth, Plague Proboscis, Nurgle’s Rot
Reign of Chaos: Miasma of Pestilence
Treachery: Sorcerous Aid (2)
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x3, Glory x2,
Stronghold: Warriors, Beastmen, Khorne, Slaanesh, Monstrous Infantry, +5% army size
Offerings: Slaanesh 5 of 6, Khorne 1 of 8
Bonus: *For eating the most chili dogs at the last campaign day (9 of the fukkers), the Tallyman gained a free Nurgle’s Rot mutation card.

Coming up!
We hit 300 points going into the third Campaign Year! In lieu of another Trial of Champions game, we will be doing a Vanity contest to help spur along the slower painters! Each player will submit a photo of a freshly painted General model they built specifically for the campaign and folks who follow this here blog, the podcast and twitter will vote for their favorite! Whoever gets the most votes counts as winning the challenge and gets this washed up old Chaos Spawn to use in their games, whether they've unlocked the necessary Stronghold upgrades or not.

Everyone's models will be posted on this blog during next Tuesday, April 7th, so make sure to check back then and vote for your favorite! 


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