Tuesday, April 21, 2015

40k Escalation #2

Hey y'all,

For today, I've got Round 1 Results, Round 2 Match-Ups, and some random bits.

Here are the results from the first round of games:
Month 1, Game 1
250 PointsScenario: Silence the GunsResult:
Opp 1Opp 2
Kevin Bruins (SM: Space Wolves)Roder (Tau)Winner: Roder
Sambo (CSM Khorne)Sam Stewart (Astra Militarum)Winner: Sam
Andrew Navaro (SM: Salamanders)Stephen Schreader (ORKZZZ)Winner: Stephen (BARELY)
John Shaffer (Adeptus Mechanicus)Tim Flanders (Alpha Legion)Winner: Tim
Brian Sass (Skitarii)Adam Trunzo (ORKZZZ)Winner: Trunzo
Eric Hagen (ORKZZZ)Dan Grothe (Dark Eldar)Winner: Dan AND Eric (Wha?)
Durty B (CSM: Crimson Slaughter)Zach Shelley (SM: Blood Angels)Winner: Zach
Mikey G (Eldar)Wade Piche (Tyranids)Winner: Wade
Nick Fenske (Word Bearers)Jason Meyers (Astra Militarum)Winner: Nick

Oh look--some pictures from some of the games:

Sambo's World Eaters are leavin' cover like dummies. Brown dice can't save you now.

"Hey. Why get outta the truck? Do you see these tires??"

"We regret every choice we've made up to this point."

And now I've got the match-ups for Round 2:
Month 1, Game 2
250 PointsScenario: Result:
Opp 1Opp 2
Brian Sass (Skitarii)/Jason Meyers (Astra Militarum)Adam Trunzo (ORKZZ)/Stephen Schreader (MOAR ORKZZ)
Andrew Navaro (Adeptus Mechanicus)/Sam Stewart (Astra Militarum)Tim Flanders (Alpha Legion)/Wade Piche (Tyranids)
Eric Hagen (ORKZZ)/John Shaffer (Adeptus Mechanicus)Dan Grothe (Dark Eldar)/Sambo (World Eaters)
Kevin Bruiins (Space Wolves)/Zach Shelley (Blood Angels)Roder (Tau)/Nick Fenske (Word Bearers)
Mikey G (Eldar)/Kevin Bruins (Extra Game)Durty B (Tz Daemons)/Adam Trunzo (Extra Game)

As you can see, we've got 2v2 games this time. Rad. Expect extra levels of dumb.
(But really, making scenarios for 250pts of 40k is like 400pts of WFB or just a warcaster+jack in WM/H--crazy hard).

If you're curious about the scenario for this time around, check out: SkullBros Escalation League.
It's called Battle for Corvus Majoris: Despterate Times. I've also included a new fluff piece from the Eldar. No spoilers yet on what's going on at this shit-hole of a world, but stay tuned. Next month I'll give ya somethin' to chew!

Lastly, get ready for some true stink. Introductions are on the way. Don't worry--we'll make it up to you at the end of the month when we show off our work and give you a look at some glorious minis.



Ryan said...

Impatiently waiting for more...Where can I find everyone's updated pics and progress reports etc.? I didn't see anything on the Skullbros blog either?

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