Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rogers' Hobby Desk - Episode 121

Here is a look at what I've been up to as described is episode 121 of Point Hammered.

The big hydra was just a rebasing job. I've had that fella done for quite a while. The intent back then was as a Transformation of Kadon model. Never thought I'd actually get to use it with the woodies straight out in my Holy Wars Host of the Eternity King list!

The wiz is new and the barest amount of effort I was willing to put in on an old army with 9th looming. Definitely glad I did finish her. She worked out great in my games. Started off  with a dip as with the rest of the Glade of Blood wood elves. If you go back and paint over everything, though, the characteristic dip pooling turns into a sweet shade on the staff!


Besides the woodies, my efforts have been focused on odds and ends for the Call to Glory campaign. Except for the slaanesh stuff, I don't intend to create legal size units of anything.

Couple 'o forsaken.

Piles 'o daemonettes.

Some underworld beastmen.

This flamer actually belonged to Bear before me. You can see he intended to do some city basing on his demons he was always plugging away at. Might actually do something like that with the warriors elements of the Legion.

Quite a ways away from unlocking the Khorne stuff in the campaign, but if I want to do bloodletters this is how I'll do it. Going back to the furry 6th ed Khorne look!


PsychosisPC said...

That makes a pretty good looking bloodletter, I've done some similar stuff for my mutants.

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