Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Riders of the Dead- Kislev Greatswords WIP

Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone. Glad you all like the army!

So it begins again......! I've already started the process to build the army up to 2400pts in the next couple of weeks. Starting with..... 30 Greatswords!

The first 10 Greatswords have been built, and all the sculpting work is finished on them.

This process is long and difficult- I use a dremel power tool to grind away the lasgun, and any 40k style cannisters, packs, pipes, etc. This leaves me with an absolute mess, and most of the models have very little detail left from their shoulders down to their waist/knees. Some of the models have gas-masks, and I grind these away and replace them with some cool looking skull masks.

Then I have to resculpt all the lost detail, giving them chestplates, belts, repairing the clothing, adding sachels/sacks/bags, buckles, repairing the edges of the shoulder pads, adding the swords and filling any gaps in the assembly! NIGHTMARE!

Let me know what you think!




DeanM said...

Looking very cool!

Boss Salvage said...

When I first saw your full army post for the Riders of the Dead, I was wondering if some Vostroyans wouldn't be making their way into the project. Glad to see my premonition was right :D

Great work here, and on the first 1500 points as well. That full army post has actually been really inspiring for me, as I pick at 1500 points of 'counts as' dwarfs, despite the impending doom of 9E making it hard to keep my Warhams mojo up ...

So thank you!

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