Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Point Hammered Episode 122 Show Notes

Episode 122 has been released. Check it out!

Email of the Week
Vince lets his know why he's Germany's The People's Bastard and how his various campaigns have gone.

Voicemail of the Week
Lonehammer gives us a ring!

Event of the Week
Sept 11-13th

Johnny's current (audio)book
Bukowski - Factotum

 Rodge's current (audio)book
Revelation by Carol Berg
This is the second book in a bromantic fantasy series. The first book in the series is called Transformation. Get it at one of these links to support the cast:
400+ page ebook/paperback on Amazon
16+ hour audiobook on Audible
Goddamn, that's a nice set of wings!

Johnny's current obsession(s)
Dan Carlin's Hard Core History
I'm currently listening to the Blueprint for Armageddon series, and it's amazing.

Rodge's current obsession

Johnny's music pick

Shakey Graves

Rodge's Point Hammered History
The nerd lisp voice. Fact or fiction?

Johnny's blog pick
Rodge's army theme
The Tiger Prince of Ind Empire/Ogres combo army.

Johnny's sex toy
A proper strap on. Get pegged fellas!
For beginners:
The Foray
For true pros:
Expanding Inflatable Model

Rodge's cheapass hidden hobby dollars
Make your own magic cards you layabout. Click this link to see how to do this on the cheap.

Question of the Month
Have you played in a warhammer campaign before? What rules did you use? Did you finish?

 Let us know your thoughts on this question, the podcast or anything else by leaving comments below or contacting us through one of the following!!

601-TRY-HPBV (601-879-4728)
@pointhammered on twitter (Johnny)
@hammered_rodge (Rodge)


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