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Call to Glory Campaign #3

We have begun the second full Campaign month. Check it out!

Raj rollcall: Two new 'refurbished' chosen next to one of the original 5th ed plastic chaos warriors!

As always, the rules for the campaign can be found in this Google Drive folder. In addition, you can listen to the rules explained in episode 120 and 121 of Point Hammered. The battles and results below are covered in episode 122.

Return of the Bastard - First Half of Year Two - Fought on March 12th, 2015

Five warriors braved the early winter storms to begin the season of slaughter! The Bastard, The Bear, The Butcher, The Journeyman and The Raj. The Legend and the Tallyman did not sally forth. Their seers no doubt cast the bones, saw the wicked fates awaiting them and thought better of leaving their strongholds. The Excursion point level is 200 points for Year Two.

Trial of Champions - The Map
Victor - The Bear (twice now!)
Losers - The Bastard, The Butcher, The Journeyman, The Raj

The Trial of Champions arena in progress!

For winning the Trial, the Bear received a special Target card called The Secret Hall of the Scepter. Bear could play this Target once to claim a powerful artifact. However, any unengaged players would have a chance to ambush him and claim it for themselves. Bear chose to head for the secret hall in the very first excursion. Little did he know the Journeyman and the Raj were tailing him...

First Excursion
Target - The Crumbling South (Slaves)
Victor - The Bastard
Loser - The Butcher

The Bastard declares: Butcher went first and pushed his general in a unit of 3 gors into the center. I charged them with everything I had. They disintegrated. He called the game there. I patted myself on the back, told myself: 'Good Job', and felt like I'm really good at this game.

Target - The Secret Hall of Scepter (Artifact)
Ambush Victor - The Raj
Losers - The Bear, The Journeyman

The Bear growls: After winning the Trial, I decided to use the map right away, why not right? Well Raj and Journeyman ambushed me and you can guess how that went...

The Journeyman speaks: Got silvery tongued into fighting in that one. One of those times where holding back was NOT a good decision. Future lessons, push it forward.

The artifact gleaned should prove quite useful to the Raj if he can keep his adversaries from claiming it.

Second Excursion
Target - The Mountain Holds (Gold)
Ambush Victor - The Raj
Losers - The Bastard, The Bear

The Bastard declares: Bear took the brunt of my face punches into his gor units. They really don't stand a chance against chaos warriors. Raj ran off with the points tokens, and I had to make something happen to catch up. I charged Bear's general with the troll in the hopes of getting lucky. I've never been a lucky kinda guy. I went down. Sad day, but I know better for next time.

The Bear growls: Went after some dwarven gold and had to battle Bastard and Raj, came in second after my chosen of Slaanesh and his pet troll, Chester, bitch slapped some of Johnny's warriors around to claim the fourth objective marker.

Target - The Warpstone Pits (Mutations)
Victor - The Butcher
Loser - The Journeyman

The Journeyman speaks: My lack of chaos warriors hurt me a lot on this one. Doesn't matter if you have 6 attacks going in as a warriors 2 attacks are faster and hit harder. The beastmen will not win combat. Lessons, take more warriors.

Mid-Year Two Snapshot
A card in italics means it was gained since the last snapshot. A strikethrough means it was lost since the last snapshot. 

The Bastard
Magic Items:  Sword of Change (1), Manbane Standard (1), Standard of Discipline, Ironcurse Icon, Spellshield, Dragonhelm, Potion of Foolhardiness, Banner of Eternal Flame
Mutations: Brass Behemoth, Aura of Disruption, The Eye Opens, Scaly Hide, Ghostsight, Iron Skin
Resources: Gold x3, Slaves x2, Glory x7, Shadow of Defeat x 1
Stronghold: Warriors, Nurgle, Khorne
In Progress: None
Offerings: None

The Bear
Magic Items: The Impaler (1), Cloak of Skulls, Gambler's Armor, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Battle, Skin of Man, Cacophonous Dirge, Potion of Foolhardiness
Mutations: Gift of Tongues (1), Gut Charge, Rune of the True Beast, Allure of Slaanesh, Unearthly Reflexes x2, Venom Sting, Harvester Cannon
Reign of Chaos: Bolt of Change (1)
Treachery: Ambush Fire (2)
Resources: Gold x5, Slaves x5, Glory x2, Shadow of Defeat x 2
Stronghold: Beastmen, Khorne, Warriors, Slaanesh
In Progress: Daemons, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Hellflayer Chariot, 50 point unit cap
Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8
Bonus: For victory at the second Trial of Champions, may use a single troll regardless of Stronghold building limitations. For victory at the third Trial of Champions, gained the secret location of the Sceptre of Transmutation artifact. 

Broseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcloak!

The Bear grumbles: With my new additions ready in time for our 300 point campaign year I plan on bringing a chaos ogre and some marauder horsemen to the tabletop. I also am looking to add more warriors and set aside the beasts for now as with these low point battles initiative seems to be king. Finally, with the full spectrum of factions and gods available to me I'm going to take advantage of the extra cards available to me in each game by fielding a little bit of everything and see how that works out for me. 

The Butcher
Magic Items: Talisman of Protection, Potion of Strength, Opal Amulet, Death’s Heads, Powerstone, Ramhorn Helm
Mutations: Scaly Skin, Gouge-Tusk, Scaly Hide, Dark Fury
Resources: Gold x3, Slaves x2, Glory x5, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold:  Beastmen, Nurgle, Monstrous Infantry, Khorne, Warriors, Daemons, Fast Cavalry
In Progress: Slaanesh, +5% Army Size, 50 point unit cap
Offerings: Nurgle 3 of 7

The Forsaken one approaches!

The Butcher grumbles: Once I get past the Adepticon Hump, I plan to build several more Forsaken models and start on some fast cav, either Marauder or Daemonette. I will finish the Circle of Champions also. 

The Legend
Magic Items: Gambler's Armor, Seed of Rebirth, Banner of Swiftness, Charmed Shield
Mutations: Fiend Tail (1), Slime Trail, Thunderous Charge, Murderous Mutation, Blue Horror Infestation
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x8, Glory x4, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold: Warriors, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Monstrous Infantry, Fast Cavalry
Offerings: Slaanesh 3 of 6

The Journeyman
Magic Items: Ogre Blade (1), Potion of Speed
Mutations: Venom Tail (1), Evil Eyeball, Venomous Fangs, Tongue Attack, Mutant Poisons, Blue Horrors, Gouge-Tusk, Runeclaw
Reign of Chaos: Rot, Glorious Rot, Blue Fire, Devolve, Storm of Fire, Punished by the Gods
Resources: Gold x2, Slaves x2, Glory x2, Shadow of Defeat x5
Stronghold: Beastmen, Nurgle, Daemons, Khorne, Warriors, +5% army size
In Progress: Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Fast Cavalry, Monstrous Infantry, Level 1 Magic Items (25-45 pts), Level 1 Mutations (25-45 pts), 50 point unit cap
Offerings: Nurgle 1 of 7

The Raj (also known as Silvertongue)
Magic Items: Stolen Crowns (1), Ensorcelled Weapon, Luckstone, Skin of Man
Mutations: Unholy Resilience (1), Murderous Charge, Gut Charge, Aura of Chaos, Soporific Musk, Slythey Tongue, Slashing Attack
Reign of Chaos: Rot, Glorious Rot, Acquiesence, Caress of Laniph
Treachery: Clandestine Aid (2), Secret Information (1)
Resources: Gold x4, Slaves x3, Glory x8,
Stronghold: Daemons, Nurgle, Warriors, Tzeentch, 50 point unit cap
In Progress: Level 1 Magic Items (25-45 pts), Beastmen, Khorne, Slaanesh, Fast Cavalry
Offerings: Tzeentch 4 of 9, Nurgle 2 of 7
Bonus: Ambushed The Bear along with the Journeyman to claim the Sceptre of Transmutation (2) Artifact.

The Raj whispers: The Sceptre should prove quite useful over the course of the campaign. Although, I'm not above trading it for a temporary boost in vital resources. One can always attempt to steal it back of course!

The Tallyman
Magic Items: Sword of Might, Hagtree Fetish, Chalice of Chaos
Mutations: Unnatural, Lamprey Bite, Poisonous Slime, Burning Body, Brass Behemoth, Plague Proboscis, Nurgle’s Rot*
Reign of Chaos: Miasma of Pestilence
Treachery: Sorcerous Aid (2)
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x1, Glory x2, Shadow of Defeat x3
Stronghold: Warriors, Khorne, Beastmen, Slaanesh
Offerings: Slaanesh 3 of 6, Khorne 1 of 8
Bonus: *For eating the most chili dogs at the last campaign day (9 of the fukkers), the Tallyman gained a free Nurgle’s Rot mutation card.

That's it for now! Much feverish building and painting is underway already. Can't wait to see where it goes from here!


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