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Call to Glory Campaign #2

Here are the standings and hobby progress after the first full Campaign Year!* (*one year in the Warhammer world equates to one month of Earth time).

The Legend has a huge lead on the rest of the boys paintwise!

As always, the rules for the campaign can be found in this Google Drive folder. In addition, you can listen to the rules explained in episode 120 and 121 of Point Hammered. Drop any questions you may have below!

As this is the end of the Campaign Year, all Stronghold buildings in progress have been completed. Players were able to trade cards and offer up their crappier cards to the Chaos Gods. The next campaign day will oddly coincide with spring in the Warhammer World. As the frozen passes open up, the chaos tribes will gather for the annual Trial of Champions - a General's only multiplayer fight - and then lay down the foundations for their buildings to be constructed during the next Campaign Year while the warlords are on their excursions elsewhere.

The Bastard
Magic Items:  Sword of Change (1), Manbane Standard (1), Standard of Discipline, Ironcurse Icon, Spellshield, Dragonhelm, Potion of Foolhardiness, Banner of Eternal Flame
Mutations: Brass Behemoth, Aura of Disruption, The Eye Opens, Scaly Hide, Ghostsight
Resources: Gold x2, Glory x2
Stronghold: Warriors, Nurgle
Under construction: Khorne, Monstrous Infantry

Silvertongue sayeth: The Bastard is off to a slow start, having only made exactly one half of the 3 campaign days so far. Will he catch up? Or was that 1/2 day the extent of his campaign participation? Time will tell. Interestingly, he is well placed to pursue Khorne offerings with all the magic weapons, armor and standards he picked up in the opening draft. Getting these later in the campaign may be difficult!

The Bear
Magic Items: Cloak of Skulls, Gambler's Armor, Enchanted Shield, Biting Blade, Sword of Battle, Skin of Man, Potion of Speed, Cacophonous Dirge
Mutations: Gift of Tongues (1), Gut Charge, Rune of the True Beast, Allure of Slaanesh, Unearthly Reflexes, Venom Sting
Treachery: Ambush Fire (2)
Resources: Gold x2, Slaves x5, Glory x2
Stronghold: Beastmen, Khorne, Warriors, Slaanesh
Offerings: Khorne 1 of 8
Bonus: For victory at the second Trial of Champions, may use a single troll regardless of Stronghold building limitations

The first models Bear has painted in years!

Silvertongue sayeth: The Bear has an ample selection of magic weapons and mutations to augment his forces. He was able to put the troll to good use in the last few excursions as an excellent, if unreliable, bodyguard to his general. Ld7 with no re-roll can make positioning the duo for key combats difficult. The Bear's lack of Glory cards in the next Building phase will really hurt him for the next Campaign Year. He will have unused Gold or Slave cards he will have to carry in his deck until the following year. Not only do these cards weaken his deck during games, they can also be stolen whenever he loses!

The Butcher
Magic Items: Talisman of Protection, Potion of Strength, Opal Amulet, Death’s Heads, Powerstone, Ramhorn Helm
Mutations: Scaly Hide, Slythey Tongue, Dark Fury
Resources: Gold x3, Slave x3, Glory x6, Shadow of Defeat x6
Stronghold:  Beastmen, Nurgle, Monstrous Infantry, Khorne, Warriors, Daemons, Fast Cavalry
Offerings: Nurgle 3 of 7

The Butcher's bestial legion grows!

Silvertongue sayeth: The Butcher's deck is well stocked for the upcoming Building Construction phase. As he already has the largest stronghold, it will be interesting to see which buildings he goes for next. Depending on what he selects, he may have a significant advantage in list construction the following year. 

He will need it as well. His magic items and mutations selection are some of the weakest at the moment. Early on, Butcher had a strong advantage by drawing both of the only missile attacks available at the early levels, the Death's Heads and Slythey Tongue. This ended up making him a target for myself, The Raj, who desired one of them. The Butcher lost several cards to The Raj before wisely volunteering the Slythey Tongue in trade at the end of the last Campaign Year. Perhaps this trade may prove the foundation of a fruitful partnership in the future?!

The Legend
Magic Items: Gambler's Armor, Seed of Rebirth, Banner of Swiftness, Lichebone Pennant, Charmed Shield
Mutations: Fiend Tail (1), Slime Trail, Thunderous Charge, Vomit, Murderous Mutation, Blue Horror Infestation
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x8, Glory x4, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold: Warriors, Slaanesh, Nurgle, Monstrous Infantry, Fast Cavalry
Offerings: Slaanesh 3 of 6
Boons: Slaanesh

Silvertongue sayeth: The Legend was the first to bring cavalry to bear upon the fields of war. This has not yet developed into a decisive advantage, although The Legend is quite cunning and learns quickly. His selection of items and mutations seems to be middle of the road, along with his building prospects for the upcoming year. He is halfway done with the Slaanesh offerings track, however, and gained a Boon in the process. In at least one excursion next year, that Boon will give him a huge leg up over his competitors.

The Journeyman
Magic Items: Ogre Blade (1), Relic Sword, Potion of Speed
Mutations: Venom Tail (1), Evil Eyeball, Venomous Fangs, Tongue Attack, Mutant Poisons, Blue Horrors, Gouge-Tusk, Runeclaw
Reign of Chaos: Bolt of Change (1), Rot, Glorious Rot
Resources: Gold x7, Slaves x6, Glory x6, Shadow of Defeat x2
Stronghold: Beastmen, Nurgle, Daemons, Khorne, Warriors, +5% army size
Offerings: Nurgle 1 of 7

Silvertongue sayeth: Through a mixture of luck and skill, The Journeyman is hauling in the hugest baggage train of loot yet seen in the campaign! He has a decent selection of deck cards to boot, meaning he will be well positioned in the following years.

The Raj, also known as Silvertongue
Magic Items: Ogre Blade (1), Stolen Crowns (1), Ensorcelled Weapon, Other Trickster’s Shard, Channeling Staff, Luckstone
Mutations: Unholy Resilience (1), Murderous Charge, Gut Charge, Aura of Chaos, Soporific Musk, Razor Talons, Slythey Tongue, Slashing Attack
Reign of Chaos: Glean Magic (1), Acquiesence, Caress of Laniph
Treachery: Secret Information (1)
Resources: Gold x4, Slaves x3, Glory x9, Shadow of Defeat x1
Stronghold: Daemons, Nurgle, Warriors, Tzeentch, 50 point unit cap
Offerings: Tzeentch 4 of 9, Nurgle 2 of 7

The Raj has recently added this fearsome mutant to his employ, a special needs warhound affectionately referred to as "Moxie."

Silvertongue sayeth: I have been building towards a decent magic phase in later years, although I've recently acquired the Stolen Crowns in trade from the Tallyman to see if I can get it working at these lower point values. Time will tell whether this strategy proves wise or not. Otherwise, the deck selection is decent, if bloated, due to all the Glory cards. Sadly, I'll only be able to unload half of these during the building phase. The rest will have to wait until a Temple of Slaanesh is finally completed!

The 50 point unit cap should prove extremely useful in the following year. Although I don't have many troop types unlocked, the extra points will allow me to take Nurglings, Screamers, Flamers or Blight Kings. All should prove useful in the excursions to come.

The Tallyman
Magic Items: Stolen Crowns (1), Spellshield, Sword of Might, Hagtree Fetish, Cacophonous Dirge, Chalice of Chaos
Mutations: Unnatural, Lamprey Bite, Poisonous Slime, Burning Body, Brass Behemoth, Plague Proboscis, Nurgle’s Rot*
Reign of Chaos: Miasma of Pestilence
Treachery: Sorcerous Aid (2)
Resources: Gold x1, Slaves x1, Glory x2, Shadow of Defeat x3
Stronghold: Warriors, Khorne, Beastmen, Slaanesh
Offerings: Slaanesh 3 of 6, Khorne 1 of 8
Bonus: *For eating the most chili dogs at the last campaign day (to be precise, 9 chili dogs!), the Tallyman gained a free Nurgle's Rot mutation card by the assent of the group.

Silvertongue sayeth: The Tallyman has taken some bad beats in the campaign so far, meaning he will not be able to build much this year. He did offer up quite a few cards to the gods, though, so his deck will be mean and lean for Year 2!


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